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4. International Terrorism
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Understanding Cross-Cultural Differences - Mitigating Risks of Globalisation for American & European Businesses in Middle East and Asia and Africa

In Intelligence we have Active Intelligence.

Active Intelligence = Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence for extraction uses MICE .

MICE = Money, Ideology, Compromise, Ego

Ideology = Political Ideology and Religious Ideology and Individual Ideology

In Religious Ideology, post September 11 terrorist attacks, Islam is perceived as a Radical Ideology.

Because of this perception, the terrorist and vested interest affect Foreign Investments in emerging markets.

If the Western Super Powers are able to create a positive perception of Democracy the political ideology and Christianity the religious ideology, using the tool of Social Engineering then we can mitigate the risks of Globalization for International businesses.

After all, as we all are aware, the American or European Brand has to create a positive perception in the minds of the target segment ie the Muslim population worldwide. Effective Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention strategies require that we create a favorable perception in Markets regarding products and services from countries that believe in the Political Ideology called Democracy and the human beings which represent these global businesses who are Non Muslims ie believe in the religious ideology other than Islam such as Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism etc.,

By the way, I am NOT a muslim and neither am I propogating any Religious Ideology.

All what I am trying to do here is help American and European businesses create a favorable perception regarding themselves in Middle east and Africa and Asia where the large majority of the Muslim population ie Markets exist.

Using Public Relations and CSR we can create a favorable perception for American and European product and services, provided we understand the essence of Islam. I hope that this interpretation of the essence of Islam will enable you to handle Cross-Cultural Differences.

Besides enabling American and European businesses worldwide break the barriers of cross-cultural differences which affect businesses, this research and Analysis of mine is a tool for Psy-ops and Social Engineering to Mitigate Risks of Military campaigns in Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational Operations by creating Antidote to violent religious ideologies as a long term challenge to US interests.


In 623 AD,45 devotees of the Prophet Muhammad formed a brotherhood, by taking an oath of fidelity to the Prophet.They would sit near the enterance of the Prophet's mosque at Madina, absorbed in contemplation.To them,God alone was perfect benevolence and love was the basis through which God could be understood and realised.Our purpose is to shed light on the esoteric principles which form the backone of all the existing religions on this planet.

The para-normal communion is possible on attainment of Marifat which is possible through the Grace of God and the blessings of the God Realised Saints. We expect that the casual reader of this effort of ours, would develop an urge within them to search for the ALL PERVADING principles which are the foundation of all religions in their own scriptures.

Mystical ecstasy is the only closely guarded secret of nature and needs dedication, sacrifice and labour far greater than what is required to unravel the mysteries of the visible universe. Nobody can sell the magic formula or manipulate society by offering a short cut.
Khwaja says :

"They met the Sultan's brandished steel The crocodile's gnashing teeth
They bowed their necks, the death to feel Who follows in their train
They climbed the steep ascent of super consciousness Through peril, toil and pain
Oh God, to us may grace be given To follow in their train"

That which intoxicates the consciousness without drinking, smoking and eating, 'that which makes our consciousness experience the climax of ecstasy of far greater magnitude than the sensual pleasures, that because of which we experience weightlessness and suspended animation of the physical body, it is nothing else then the mystic's wine, some call her Kundalini and some Ganga, some call her vidyut lata and some beloved.

The charlatans prostitute her as a cool breeze in the palm of hand and a tingling sensation at the back of the spine. Any misguided effort or attempt to invoke Kundalini destroys the aspirant, as when trillions of megawatts of energy is unleashed, it can result in one of the most painful deaths known to humanity.

Murshid Omar Khayyam said that

"Up from the earth's centre through the seventh gate, I rose,

And on the throne sate, and many knots urravelled by the road,

But not the knot of human death and fate"

"While the rose blows along the river brink, With old Khayyam the Ruby vintage drink, And when the angel with his darker draught Draws up to thee, Take that and do not shrink"

The esoteric practice of Ashgal is the key to Wehdat (final merger with the Divine beloved). Through relentless spiritual conditioning of the consciousness, magical powers to know the past , present and future and the ability to understand the language of all creatures, to become invisible at will, to leave one's body and enter other bodies at will, to levitate, to become lighter than a proton and heavier than a black hole, are some of the para normal powers which the immortal God Realised Saints developed. The final goal of Ashgal practices is Wehdat (merger with the All Pervading Divine).

Murshid Gurdial before his death sang sang :

"Is a ray ever separate from the sun,

Will a drop exist separate from the ocean, The light merges with the light,

The union is complete now, What a holy communion"

Murshid Shah Abdul Latif said :

"Unlock yourself and see HIM"

The six esoteric astral centres of the Sufi's are :







The seven esoteric astral centres of Hindusim :

Sahasrara Chakra

Ajna Chakra

Visuddhi Chakra

Anhata Chakra

Manipura Chakra

Svadhistana Chakra


Khwaja says that through perfect Fikr (concentration on the Divine) and Perfect Ashgal ( Meditation on the Divine ) that Marifat (Union with the Divine Beloved ) is attained.

Kundalini's descent from the Ahkfa to Khafi is an staggering encounter revealing the All Pervading Divine Light, thus making the All Pervading eternal Unmanifest God, manifested through the Khafi (Ajna Chakra). The illuminating glory surrounding the vision of God as seen by the disciples of Prophet Christ, the Noor I Allah as seen by the disciples of Prophet Mohammad, the Circling Light of the Taoists and the blazing radiance of a million suns as described in the Holy Gita, bear testimony to the sayings of All God Realised saints who have left their foot prints in the sands of time to follow and realign our goals.

Khwaja says :

"They who know God, know God, None else knows"

"God Alone exists Rest is a dream"

"Wherever you turn, there is the face of God"

Tasawwuf or the Sufi way has been described as the creed of love, the dogma of heart and religion of spirit. Sufi dynamics revolves around Muhabbat. Here Muhabbat should not be misunderstood for any thing less than love for the All Pervading Divine. Muhabbat is Muhabbat , it can only be comprehended during Marifat (union with the Cosmic Divine), before that it would be difficult to understand it with the yardstick of human love.

Khwaja has stressed that yearning for the All Pervading Divine has to be cultivated through relentless practice of moral injunctions and fixed observances with perfection in Fikr (concentration on the Divine) and Zikr (remembrance on the Divine) with Muraqaba (contemplation on the Divine) which would result in illumination of the self. It is through Marifat that Muhabbat is felt permeating our entire being. Divine love is an ecstasy permeating our consciousness, not even the joys of our love to our spouses or to our children is as selfless as the Divine love.

Wehdat, should be then our only goal in life. For a human being who has developed the urge for the Divine would understand the wonders of love permeating the entire universe. Only on attainment of Marifat that Wahdat ul wajud (oneness of being) is perceived, before that we are indulging in intellectual delusion by using the terms such as brotherhood of man etc. The key to God Realisation is Muhabbat. It is this intensity of the urge that decides whether an aspirant will remain an amalgamation of chemicals or realise that the aspirant is a drop of consciousness in the Universal All Pervading Super Consciousness of the Unity understood as the Divine Light. Sometimes the aspirant finds that when they have developed the urge for the Divine, the Unmanifest All Pervading does not manifest itself, this could be for a variety of reasons including our lack of consistency or pre spiritual puberty level. We must understand that spiritual pleasures can be felt only when we have stilled the desire for gratification of the senses.

Spiritual conditioning through practice of instructions of the Murshid (Spiritual mentor) with renunciation of our wants which do not serve any purpose other that gratification of the physical body would aid our efforts in seeking the nectar of Immortality. The tendencies such as Haivania - carnal desires, Ammarah - desires enhancing our greed, Mulhama - the inspired motivated self, all these make up a human personality. We are forever bound by the cause effect of these desires unless we make a serious effort to improve our evolutionary positioning in the universal ladder of perfection. When an aspirant ventures for this transition, they should only make an effort under the guidance of the Murshid (spiritual mentor) for without the able guidance of the Murshid it would be very difficult for us to attain freedom from the slavery of senses. The subtle difference between Mind, Ego and Intelligence collectively making our consciousness cannot be understood by mere book knowledge. Experience is one of the gates to teachers and without experiencing it ourselves it would be difficult for us to even comprehend the realm of esoteric science and its hidden treasures. If we accidentally mistake the imagination of our thought processes or the voice of ego as the voice of the soul, we must immediately seek spiritual help for attunement otherwise we would start speaking to ourselves and be termed as a loony. It is very important to understand that without the able guidance of the Murshid (Spiritual mentor) it is next to impossible to identify the voice of the soul in the haystack of ego and intelligence lying with each other to categorise thoughts emerging in our brain.

Khwaja once said that :

"Only when the foundation is strong that a legend stands"

Marifat, the spiritual ecstasy, climax of paranormal communion cannot be possesed of as non existent for the God Realised Saints of all the religions of the world bear testimony to its Truth. Attainment of Mutminnah - tranquil self is a platform from which we can dive deep into the esoteric realm of superconsciousness. When we activate the tranquil self through relentless practice that we enter the esoteric dimensions of the hidden siddhis, unavailable to the ordinary human being in the life span of 125 years. How is this purity attained and what are we to understand by the nexus of Muhabbat and Purity. We should appreciate that the efforts of the God Realised Saints was to free us from the misery of human bondage which no amount of material comfort can justify. Are we nct scared to die

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