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Our European service has been seriously tested.

Dear friends and members,

Our European service of private detective has been seriously tested over the past year but has proven its worth throughout that time. This has also been the case for our services regarding the protection of persons, goods and valuables as well as our limousines.
Despite these difficult times and persisting financial hardship, many of you have expressed your confidence in us by hiring our skills and know-how. You may also have noted that we have altered our tariffs to accommodate the financial situation without reducing the quality of our services.

It is with immense pleasure that I take note of your expressions of gratitude and satisfaction which I have personally received and, I am both pleased and proud to have been able to serve you in this manner.

In this light, I can also ensure you that we have no intention of changing the way we work and we will continue to be transparent with regard to our invoices. We will strive to provide you with the service you have come to know we offer and will adhere to our basic and fundamental principles:

Integrity and loyalty of all our partners,
consultants and collaborators,
intelligent application of our methodology,
discrete and efficient service,
optimum tact and diplomacy.

Quality service is not always as expensive as one may think. Furthermore, any self-respecting professional should know that tariffs are adjusted to suit the economic trends of the moment.

Do not hesitate any longer in making your decision to hire our services and I solemnly promise to uphold our offer to provide you all with the assistance you require in a professional and cost-effective manner.

With sincere thanks from the IDBS-Sécurité team and partners.

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