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Strategic Inflection Points - Fountain Pens

Strategic Inflection Points - Fountain Pens

By 1900, the main principles for asuccessful fountain pen had been established:

1. A reservoir for ink.

2. A filling system.

3. A method of supplying ink to the nib.

Finding the most successful challenge, with 3 American companies - Parker, Waterman and Sheaffer - dominating the market. The design of the fountain pen has not relied solely on the demands of engineering, for aesthetics have also played an important role. The look of a fountain pen, its size, weight, colour, and the materials used in its construction all contribute to its success. Despite the ascendency of the cartridge pen and ball point pen and gel pen, the nostalgic tastes of a fountain pen ensure the desirability of the fountain pen both as collectible item and functional tool.

1. Waterman Eye-dropper - 1903

2. Parker Lucky Curve - 1916-23

3. Conklin Crescent Filler - 1923

4. Parker Pearly Vacumatic - 1935

5. Parker 51 - 1948

6. Parker 61 - 1956

7. Sheaffer Pen for Men - 1960

8. Montblanc 149 Masterpiece - 1970

9. Parker 180 - 1980

10. Parker Duofold [1929] - 1994

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Advisor, Corporate Risks

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