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Strategic Inflection Points which gave Competitive Advantage

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Pixar the Competitive Advantage

Pixar’s ability to combine the conventional elements of high-quality film making which includes character and plot with technology that gives the audience a new view of the world from a the subject’s ie a toy’s or bug’s perspective. This has resulted to be a winning formula with audiences of every one of its releases to date.

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Baby Einstein the Competitive Advantage

A video starring Julie’s daughter Aspens favorite toys, nursery rhymes, multi lingual counting, Aiger – Clark’s soft, slow, gentle voiceover and a simplified classical soundtrack

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Callaway the Competitive Advantage

Big Bertha had an oversized, inelegant metal head that made an unappealing clank sound when you hit the golf ball. This gave you more distance off the tee than any other driver.

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Barbie the Competitive Advantage

Handler realized that if she could three dimensionalize the adult paper dolls, they’d meet a very basic play need of children especially girls. Handler constantly insisted that her advanced dolls with breasts were an important education experience for girls which allowed girls to anticipate and play out their future as women and encourage girls to plan to have a career like she herself had achieved. So it would not be wrong to say that Barbie fuelled feminism.

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Hallmark Cards the Competitive Advantage

Joyce Hall noticed that the postcard’s attractiveness was declining and he had an clue of what could replace it ie a communication that was the perfect balance between a letter and postcard. This was a greeting card, a more personal method of communication. As an added attraction for the less eloquent people, his cards would contain a heartfelt message.

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Red Bull the Competitive Advantage

Mateschitz took a health tonic and made it less syrupy and gave it more fizz and put in in a slim line can and turned it into a neat drink that claims to enhance performance.

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Sony Walkman the Competitive Advantage

Sony Walkman, the portable cassette player that laid the fundamentals for every handheld entertainment device all the way up to the iPod and Sony’s own multimedia portable Play station PSP. Perhaps the walkman was so successful because it provided much more than music, with its headphones it was an inward-looking, cocooning experience that provided a little bubble of privacy, even on a crowded street or a commuter train or a bus.

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Liquid Paper the Competitive Advantage

Graham came up with the idea for Liquid Paper when she saw workers painting the bank’s windows for the holiday season and when the workers made a mistake on the window decorations, they simply painted it over with white paint. Graham began to use white, water based tempra paint and a thin paintbrush to cover her typing errors.

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Dyson the Competitive Advantage

When Dyson turned his attention to a everyday household object, the vacuum cleaner, in a fit of irritation when his ordinary vacuum cleaner would not work properly as the vacuum cleaner bag filled with fuzz, the vacuum cleaner’s motor lost its ability to suck as the tiny holes in the paper that drew the air through were blocked by dust particles. Dyson observed how a local sawmill used an enormous cyclone system to separate out saw dust, he figured a similar technology could work in vacuum.

Strategic Inflection Points which gave Kellogg the Competitive Advantage

Eccentric marketing stunts gave Bill Kellogg market penetration. These included “Wednesday is the wink day” campaign where a free sample of Kellogg would be given to housewives if they winked at their grocer on Wednesday. Further, housewives were offered a year’s supply of cornflakes if they were able to convince their grocer in their locality to stock the Kellogg cereal. When competitors were cutting costs during Depression, Bill Kellogg continued to advertise heavily and despite the weak economy he was able to increase production. Introduction of new foil wrapping and a new box shape for kellogg’s cereals enabled Kellogg to to retain the cereal’s freshness.

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