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As CI functions still differ greatly, career paths hardly exist and only few industries and companies invest in some level of oriented standardization of the CI profession most CI practitioners are left clueless regarding their options to develop and grow.

I would like to kick off some idea gathering as to how to support the global CI community to address their career needs. There are hardly any specialized haed hunters or job fair segments focusing on CI nor do the associations feature valid career counseling programs.

How could this situation be improved? Who could take a lead in pushing the global HR community in concert with the academics (who have been leading this profession out of the libraries into the light of business recognition rather successfully over the decades) and associations providing sustainable support to career seekers and CI professionals in need to re-orientation?

How can job fairs be attracted, association summits offer career workshops, HR managers be educated about the CI profession(s). Could SCIP try some pilots based on member requirements?

Proper career support from all ankles could support the overdue positioning of CI functions into strong standard business disciplines. Certification concepts along the entire career development value chain championed by designated HR specialists and owned by the CI professional's representing associations and think tanks could make a difference for long term sustainability here.

Any other thoughts?

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Hi Jens: This is an important topic in our field and one that is frequently a part of SCIP meeting agendas. I am attaching several files, or more specifically, three slide presentations that were offered previously at SCIP meetings - by my learned colleagues and friends Dr. Paul Dishman, Dr. Paul Kinsinger, and Greg Springall, that address the topic in hopes that they may serve others well or stimulate further discussion. Thanks again for taking the lead, Craig


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