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I wanted to start a discussion about who is going to the SCIP 2008 conference in San Diego and what plans people have for while they are there.

I'll be there all week, arriving on Sunday and my first official event is the SCIP Chapter Coordinators' dinner on Monday night. I will be very present at the sessions, particularly for the Professional Effectiveness track.

I plan to have my podcast gear with me again this year. There is a long list of people, including several people in this Ning group, that I hope to be able to catch up with either at the conference or very soon.

What are your plans for San Diego?

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Hi August,

I plan to arrive there on Monday. I have nothing planned for Monday and Tuesday, except for visiting a couple of guys I do business with. But even that is flexible because I have to visit them at their booths.

Therefore, we can eventually meet there!

Best regards and see you in SD.

Thanks for raising this discussion. I am involved in three presentations that I am sharing with others, including with Babette Bensoussan on Tuesday for a workshop, David Blenkhorn on Wednesday for an academic paper, and with Sheila Wright on Thursday discussing the organizational factors involved with attracting, retaining and motivating analysts. Other than that, I anticipate generating a few blog entries for the group here at the Ning CI site. Is anyone interested in doing that as well? If so, we may be able to get decent coverage of sessions that we, inevitably, cannot attend because there are too many good ones happening simultaneously. Cheers!
My wife unfortunately injured herself badly - she'll be ok, but it means I have to stay here and take care of the menagerie, I mean, the children.

I'm willing to help anyone with uploading, editing, etc. any text or audio or video they may not have time to edit themselves at the conferences. Send it to kieran DOT michael AT gmail DOT com.

Also, I'm wondering if anyone (ahem, August) is planning on Twittering during the conference? Could we get links or feeds here on the Ning site?
Why is "what you will be doing at SCIP 08" still a live discussion. Isn't it about time this was archived?


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