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Do you have a blog? If so, please list your feed and I'll aggregate them here.

Reply to this post with your blog feed (or address if you're not sure of the feed URL) and I'll aggregate them together here on the site.

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Hi Arik,

Great idea! Thank you. My blog is at, though the more-entertaining entry point is through my site's home page at The home page highlights the most-recent posts on the site. The site also has a library of articles and essays at

The blog is about competitive strategy and it take a broad look at the field, talking about business war games, business strategy simulations, strategy concepts, and more. There's an RSS feed for people who want to subscribe.

All the best,
Mark Chussil
Advanced Competitive Strategies
Got it Mark - thanks for letting me know - you should see your posts start showing up in few hours.

- Arik
Got it John - thanks!

- A

By the way, where did you aggregate all the blogs to?

I would quite like to take the RSS feed into my G Reader :-)
Good question Sally - I'm using Pipes to mash objects out of prefab hosted subroutines - feel free to clone, remix and improve:

I'm printing all this to an RSS feed that I've plunked onto the homepage of this site - currently midway down the left hand column.


- Arik

I believe what you have done here helps all of us in numerous ways, including helping each of us get more blog readers and I believe (75% likely) that we each get a slightly higher "page ranking" by search engines.

In the hope / assumption that it also helps you and others in this group, I have listed on my blog ( many of the English sites that are on your list (and I plan to start looking into what makes sense for listing non-English sites.)

My thought, or half a thought, is: if in your generosity you created an easy list that you would allow us to easily copy and paste to our own blogs, that would not only make it easier for any of us to update the list on our own blogs, but more importantly, it would create a network effect that would help us all even more.

I assume that this "Arik Johnson CI Blog List" list would need to be very simple - maybe just the names of the blogs with an embedded link for each blog.

Does this make sense?
Right on Alan - even more simple than that, you can get the consolidated RSS feed here:

I also update the "pipe" for this feed whenever anyone adds a blog on this discussion, but in the meantime, you can "clone" the feed for remix and reuse however you like from:

Happy mashing!


Good morning. The link to my blog is

My main website is

Very best
Steven D. Audino
CEO & Founder
GlobalBankVision Consulting, Inc.
Great Steven - thanks - your feed is being pulled and should start showing up in a few hours.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for sharing your feed,

- Arik
Thanks Arik,
In my blog "The Product Management View" I host a webinar every Wednesday on different Product Management topics presented by various members of the community. The rest of the time I blog on general Product Management topics. Competitive Intelligence is always an important roll in any product venture. We twitter on hashtag #pmv about these topics, please join in. I'll post the twitter feed on the blog review as well.
Got it Val - I couldn't get your RSS feed, but Atom is working from:

You'll see your stuff appear in our feed (see above) in a few hours. Thanks for sharing!

- Arik


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