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Competitive Intelligence versus Espionage

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Nothing wrong in paying people to collect information.... 

(Spoken as a consultant who expects people to pay him to collect intelligence... and wasn't that Sherlock Holmes's occupation i.e. a consultant detective). 

The problem is paying people to give you information - as that's like offering a bribe. Or is it? 

It's also much more fun, sleeping with your information sources rather than paying them. (I can dream can't I? - spoken as a James Bond wannabe). 

This is all very confusing. Anyone who have read a book on CI will know that CI does not overlap with Espionage.

It is true we use a 2x2 matrix with moral/immoral and legal/illegal, but the the box named "the Gray Zone" is immoral but legal. Espionage is illegal. These outcomes in turn give four main strategies: 

Defensive; CI, Security

Offensive; INT

Ethical off.; OS

Ethical def:; Counter INT




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