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I am starting up the Competitor Intelligence function within an EMS organization. I have created some basic profiles on our competitors but am not sure about what an Advanced Profile should look like. Also, our C-levels do not see the value in it and I need to show them value somehow. Does anyone have an example of an advanced CI profile? Or know the best way to sell it to the executives?

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Samantha, The link to the LinkedIn discussion on CI templates is

It is accessible through the SCIP group
Competitor assessment template/What elements should be in a competitor assessment.?
Thanks Chris!
Thank you all for your feedback! It was indeed very helpful. The Advanced Profiles were canceled when they saw how little use the Basic profile was. I am on to generating quick alerts about the business, industries, competitors with analysis that helps our different departments, Directors, VPs, etc. take action. These alerts have been a great way to get traction in the organization and show value quickly. Maybe after I finally receive some buy-in from the different groups, I can pursue more in-depth, long term analysis.

Thank you all again for all your help! I really appreciate it!


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