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As we get closer, I wanted to throw out a question: What are everyone's plans for attending the SCIP 2009 Annual International Conference & Exhibition?

The program teams have spent months putting together a compelling and innovative program that will appeal to beginning, intermediate and advance competitive intelligence professionals. You can read detailed program descriptions and presenter biographies here:

Networking and sharing expertise directly with my fellow CI practitioners keep me coming back to SCIP. I'm excited to be hosting colleagues in my native hometown of Chicago and definitely plan on introducing a few of them to the heavenly joy that is Gino's East Pizza. If I can answer any questions about Chicago please feel free to ask here.

See you all in Chicago!

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I'll be there, in one capacity or another. I'm also looking forward to networking and sharing expertise; my main concern is ascertaining the direction of our discipline, to get ahead of the curve, so to speak.

Also, since I'm pretty sure Tim Powell (guitar), Eric Garland (bass) and Greg Ervin (drums) will be there, my only question is which guitar to bring?

And...Chicago has pizza? Really?
Hello, Kieran, would you please bring my favorite lap steel guitar and play for participants of SCIP09 Annual Conference and Exhibition, for example, Rainbows Over Paradise ( )? ;-)
Hi August,
I'll be there and ready to taste a slice of Chicago pizza.
Wait, I'm still not clear on this whole "Chicago" and "pizza" thing....
Just wait until you try it. You'll realize what you've been missing eating that thing, greasy New York "pizza." ;-)
This "pizza" of has, like, cheese and sauce and is made from dough, si?

Such an alien concept, but, hey the SCIP conference is all about replacing preconceived notions with one's that actually work. So I'm in.

Next thing you know, you're going to tell me they have *architecture* in Chicago.
Hmmmm Chicago Pizza YES and don't forget the beer. I'll be there too. Are we still planning to Tweet at the conference? Now that I have a blog I can do that too.
I've joked with Suki that we should create a Twitter team complete with t-shirts that have "#scip09" on them.
Hi Ellen,

I know a beer place there... I still have to check it if I remember how to go there.. It is near the magnificent mile and has lots of draft beer of a myriad of types.. Maybe we can have a beer there? But I do not know how much free time I am going to have, since most probably only vendor night, this is Thursday, will be left to me by SCIP.... Now, my time belongs to SCIP.... ;)

See you all in the windy city!

I try to guess whether "The windy city" ( ) is as windy as my Windy Hill [in Polish: Wichrowe Wzgórze ( ). Incidentally, you couldn't be nearer my condominium than on this JPG ( ). :-)

hope we'll catch up during the conf.

Any recommandations for good ol' live Blues?

I'm wondering if KM, Eric, Tim and Greg will play some blues for us.


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