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What is happening now to the Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management? Will it come out again? If so, when?


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Hi Klaus - great question - I'll share it with the members whom I know to be also members of SCIP's board and/or staff here and perhaps they might have an update.

- Arik
As said, I came back from SIIE 2010 yesterday (Tunis). They will start an academic CI journal, probably before the summer. They are also in contact with ECIS who took the intiatitve to a first number of talks with SCIP after the Stockholm conference last fall. This is really a great chance for the different Ci clusters to unite around a common academic journal project. Unlike ECIS, SIIE has the necessary resources. An invitation will go out to key academic around ther world to join the editorial board. SCIP and Frost & Sulliva Institute should take this opportunity to cooperate, given the fact that they do not have the critical mass to run an international academic journal by themselves. Maybe we could talk to Eduardo again through the back channel, Per Jenster has too much work with building a new business school in China to front this right now.

Yes, good idea - I'd be happy to assist in any way productive.

- A
Klaus hi

An interesting and welcome initiative.

I'm curious to see whether/how SCIP/FSI react.

best regards



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