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What is Microsoft Conjuring up with an iPad team?


As competitive intelligence professionals, I thought you might find this article conjecturing what Microsoft's response might be to Apple's iPad. There are competitive ramifications for sure, but they could also be working on opportunities to develop apps.


What do you think!?

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Really interesting! Can,t wait to read about it!

we could never really foresee any events especially when technological advancements are made in giant leaps. but the four scenarios which was discussed throws light in all possible directions where Microsoft with its money muscle can do about anything.

Developing apps could not be profitable, but they could bring in their Photsynth app to the ipad, which could cause a soaring sales of the app and the iPad itself...

Microsoft doesnt want to bleed its market with its own knife.

Maybe, we could expect a re-vamped tablet... with Zune integration
Considering that the information are true .. then this blog may provide you with some information
of Microsoft and the tablet PC.

Perhaps Microsoft are reverse engineering aka getting inspired to the next tablet OS.

but interesting development ...
I don't think Microsoft has any choice but to develop for iPad/iOS - and, they're already doing it - I've been using BING on my iPhone for most of a year now - and, what's the best Office suite for the Mac? Why... MS-Office for Mac 2011, which just shipped last week. Indeed, in many ways, iPad is a much stronger competitor to the Windows/laptop market than Mac OS ever was, despite its recent popularity. I'm a good example - I've put off a new Win 7 upgrade for more than a year now (upgrading two old PCs to Win 7 and loving them) but use my iPad for about 60% of my computing tasks. At this point, I'm wondering if I need a new laptop at all...
Hi Ellen, A good RUMINT (Rumor Intelligence), thanks for posting it. MS have been focusing on PCs, I guess they have to understand the operating systems for iPad logic for a start. So far they have not really been in the hardware business, but I guess it is reasonable to think they would want control more of the APP developments (software side). Actually I would be more surprised if they did not have an iPAD group.

Best, Klaus


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