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Apropos your original post, Henrik

Might be an good playbook for CI.  I have a copy but haven't had time to read it yet.  I'll report back when I do.

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Thanks Timothy,

I'll check it out!

Kind regards,

Would like your assessment on the new book.  I am constantly searching for new and fresh resources for our reading library.

That is a book I refer to my own shelf. Though I write more frequently about analytical techniques as opposed to competences and process, I'd suggest that is a foundational book which any student of intel analysis can benefit from.

Disclosure as well here: I speak to groups and clients frequently about "structured analytics" as being part of what I describe as the evolving (emerged?) Analysis 2.0 model. I have found far too many analysts lack consistent application of analytical processes and methods. Like many processes, structuring analysis, then measuring, managing, and improving it over time, leads to enhanced results. It is far superior to intuition, gut, ad hoc or random approaches to the task! 


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