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C-Suite Intelligence - only the Insights Count! with UK Competitive Intelligence Forum 1st Feb 2011

As a seasoned professional Monika Giese, formerly of Novartis, Hoffman La-Roche and Solvay Pharmaceuticals will describe her experiences of getting a top (C-Suite) job in CI, and the challenges, opportunities, threats and risks that come with it. She will be using real life examples from her practice in order to outline the differences in providing CI to different levels of a global organisation. Ideally, a CI professional should be able to determine from the presentation which skill sets are required to make it to the top. Key take-aways for the audience will include:

* Requirements for C-Suite Intelligence are different from any other level of the organisation

* Major obstacles in C-Suite intelligence

* How to get there – Strategies to advance CI services to C-Suite level

As ever, there will be the opportunity for light refreshment and to engage with peers and practitioners warmly.

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