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I know a lot of us are Twittering (or experimenting with it) of late.

Part of the value of Twittering is helping to know what members of this forum are busy with or seeing in their fields of work or markets. I know I'd love to know more about what you all do.

If you're on Twitter now, just add your name below as a comment and over time I'm sure we'll have a very robust community on there. I'll attempt to aggregate this list every month or so.

My Twitter ID is dan_mchugh

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My Twitter ID is 8of12.
Hi August, I just sent you a following req.
Great idea Dan - my personal Tweets are at "arikjohnson" and we literally just setup a company account today - "AuroraWDC" for group postings of a commercial nature. Just added both you and August to both following lists for them as well.

Cheers for now,

- Arik
I wouldn't say experimenting with it. I have been on twitter for over a year. In fact there a a number of CI professionals using twitter...but for the record my ID.

PLEASE if you have any questions and/or issues with twitter please let me know...either via, twitter, message here, through my email if a SCIP member or any other method.

Thanks Suki - following you too now - I will definitely have some Twitter questions - not least of which center around integration with IM (I use both Skype and MSN for IM), which I understand is technically possible but I'm at a loss for figuring it out. Any advice is appreciated in advance!

Hope all is well,

Hi Suki,
Thank you for your help. You may have my following rep by now.
I'm Richard Telofski - @RichardKahuna
My Twitter is jriversmn.
Hi all - by way of an update, I've decided to go to the SCIP meeting in Rome in a few days (I was on the fence until yesterday) and decided it'd be a fun experiment to tweet it while I'm mobile there - I'm tagging with "SCIP" and "Rome" as keywords in every tweet so it's searchable on this Summize Atom feed:

Further details cross-posted from my reply to the Rome discussion:

- Arik
My Twitter ID is ajohnpeterson
My Twitter ID is maverick_ny

Arik, it would be useful to use the hashtags for easier searching, ie #SCIP or #Rome as that is now standard Twitter search terminology. Be great if you can Twitter the event for those of us not going.
Thanks for the tip Sally - I learn something new every day. So the string would look something like:

... and then I'd make sure #SCIP and #Rome appear in each post? Please advise - that's helpful.

- Arik


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