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CI + Planning Methodology + Real Time News = ?

What would you call a new solution that combines:


CI + Planning Methodology + Real Time News

ABSTRACT:  To support executive decision-making, corporations need the proper strategic planning framework and informational processes, including a dynamic feedback loop which converts global news articles and other content into strategic intelligence which confirms or challenges corporate and business unit assumptions about the changing external environment / competitive playing field.
To read the article, "Strategic Decision Making Using Real-Time News Patterns"

Article link:

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Strategic Assumptions + Tactical Indicators = Competitive Intelligence
Thanks Vivek.

If we just call our new holistic solution "Competitive Intelligence", I do not think anyone will know we have something unique and comprehensive.

In the article, our first attempt at giving this new solution category a name is: 
"Real-Time Corporate Planning Management Solutions"
Our goal is to find the best name for the category.  Adding "automated feedback loop" or "news radar" or "news pattern intelligence" or "strategic intelligence news mapping" all come to mind to express the added uniqueness to describe the new solution - but the name will get too long.


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