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CIA's Facebook dramatically cut costs agency's cost

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I can't get this to embed in Ning - watch it and laugh uncomfortably.

I love this one. Thank goodness for Onion News to dig to the bottom of this highly important matter. What makes me laugh even more is that someone, somewhere, is probably analyzing all the Tweets, MySpace, Xiaonei (and the other scores of countries with Facebook clones in their native languages), Ning messages, blog space posts, etc. and trying to separate the 1 in the million (plus) messages that actually have intel value.


It helps to know what you are looking for... analysis, planning and tightening of client specs/KITs, all still matter. Otherwise, the fastest growing industry of all will remain the same as it has for the past decade, that being information storage! You never know when you'll need it -- but by the time you figure out that you do, it will have gone stale and be meaningless, in any case.

I saw this as well - loved it!
NSA Turf
OSINT is Deception

Hi Vivek,


For CI or for national/foreign/security intelligence?  How so? 

I read Shane Harris’ book The Watchers which has a detailed section on the Able Danger program from the late 1990’s and other material on the program; its large scale data mining of open source information was pretty impressive, and that was more than ten years ago.

Very well said Trip,


I was actually answering Eric Garland's post on The Onion which is an American news satire organization. It is an entertainment newspaper and a website featuring satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news, in addition to a non-satirical entertainment section known as The A.V. Club


However if we learn from the wisdom of Alain Juillet then Competitive Intelligence is protection of strategic and vital information of the organization.


So, sometimes in the distant future if God forbid, a common man becomes as intelligent as Eric Garland (this is a compliment for him) then OSINT will always be Deception for every brain in all the competitors camps will be dissecting and bisecting and harvesting OSINT. Therefore information will always be planted on Open Source to mislead and deceive competitors. 


Take care Trip

There was a highly dramatic bank robbery with use of a helicopter in Sweden in 2009. The robbers first all got away, but then the son of the pilot posted a photo snapshot of a pier on his Facebook. The pier was quickly recognized as being located on an island in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic). It was thought that where the son is, the father must be, and quite right. The man was picked up with no clue as to how. In this case the police would not have succeeded as quickly without FB. It is often more difficult to find the money in these cases.


Otherwise, delivery of data from Facebook to Police normally takes a few weeks after request has been sent.  






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