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Is there a link between mental illness and leadership in turbulent times?

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Hi Monica - Wow, what an interesting concept.  Had a look at the book review and will definitely get hold of the book. Its proposition certainly resounded with some of my thinking and studies.  Thank you for that.

All right Monica,


Lets put the heat on.


DSK Acquittal?


....The termination of this prosecution begs the question, how much corroborative evidence would the New York DA have considered sufficient to take the case to trial: a torn dress, ripped underwear, severe vaginal bruising and maybe a broken arm for good measure?.............

I was a history major in college and in my last year of school, I took psycopathology.  After many classes where I was learning the facts of history, taking this psych class was one of the most eye opening classes ever. It became evident that there is a small line between genius and evil and that many of our greatest leaders have some element of mental illness.  Also, those that we consider evil leaders (i.e. Hitler, Stalin, etc.) were still able to use the elements of greatness to influence others to follow them and believe in them.  I will definitely read this book, as well as the one below...


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