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I am looking to fill a CI position.  Can I post the job description here?  I want to make sure that there aren't any prohibitions beforehand.



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Granted I don't speak for everyone, and I don't mean to usurp Arik's role as administrator of the site. I don't have any issues with people sharing job postings. In fact I would welcome a place to share opportunities we find.

It might be appropriate to create a discussion topic specifically for postings and post each opportunity as a response underneath that. I suggest this for centrality.

Are there any other thoughts in concurrence or to the contrary?
Fire away Bill! Er... rather, hire away - anything goes around here... pretty much ;-)
Bill, I'm having trouble imagining you being pilloried for posting jobs during a global recession. I hope we have lots of trouble of this sort coming!
Digimind has several job openings in the CI field and on the vendor side (sales, marketing).
More information may be found at
For more details contact me.
BTW I notice that we also have a job postings/career group on Ning here:

Happy labor day weekend! Ellen


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