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but it does not mean intelligence academics have stopped working. To get updates see

here you will find articles, information about next conferences etc.


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Thanks Klaus for your initiative.

Klaus: The network isn't actually down, though it has been left mostly open to members to be active in, or not. In light of other networks that have arisen since this one began may years ago, the network originators have allowed the members to continue communicating as they desire (or not). No decisions have been made to close it down, though, to my knowledge. There are still many good bits of helpful data and info spread among thee pages and people, and that includes your contributions, of course. Sincerely, Craig  

Klaus, I agree with Craig. See, for example, discussions of the SCIP group in LinkedIn. I think that there is a need to publish more in JISIB and to upgrade discussions based on articles in your magazine. Still I would love to see this network more active.

Yes Avner, SCIP on linkedin is an impressive group, with 24 000 members. I only wish there was more room for research there. Best, Klaus

Hello Klaus: That LI group is large in number, but it is not designed to promote the kind of discussions academics would prefer engaging in. Frost/SCIP is also not in the business of research or scholarship, despite having its own "SCIP University". As I don't have much interaction with them about these kind of matters any longer, maybe you should contact the Dean/Chancellor of SCIP University and see if they'd be willing to partner up with JISIB in one form or another?  Partnerships and alliances are usually healthy in our field -- and I know I tried to and did develop a number of them during my time on SCIP's BOD. I cant imagine it would hurt to inquire? Thanks also for the article shares. You may want to promote them through the SCIP LI group, as well. I'm sure there is some subset of those members (I am one of them( who might appreciate being informed of academic developments. Craig

Well noted. Good to hear from you, Craig! I attach here some recent articles from JISIB for inpiration to any new readers to this site who would like to get involved. Best, Klaus


Thanks, again. I hope some get inspired, too! 

As to Craig's note- I'm not sure that SCIP University is the right location. I wonder if creating a linkage between SCIP group in LinkedIn and JISIB  can not encourage academic writing and reviews and building a new lair to the academic aspects of CI?

I think the more the merrier for the field of CI. I have participated at a few SCIP events during past years and hope that the organization will continue to develop, also more towards theory.

As we show in latest articles - but which has also been noted before, but not with same empirical basis - much of what practitioners call CI was not developed as such, but is common to many areas of management. (Hoppe argue in his article that the practitioner-controlled development of CI has not been to the field's advantage). At the same time there are several areas that are underdeveloped where CI could make a difference. Thus it seems that the combination of theory and practice is essential for both areas to develop. 

lets hope Avner, that SCIP picks up the ball. At the same time the history of academic journals in CI has shown that the independence of the academic track must be guaranteed.  

Hi Klaus,

Good to hear from you and glad to see JISIB is continuing to develop. I really internalized your last comment about academic independence very deeply myself, as you might recall (I know Craig does) that the CI Foundation, former home of the Journal of CI & Management (JCIM) was defunded by SCIP's board of directors in 2010, in spite of the best efforts of most of the trustees, including me. To see where JISIB has come in the years since without any particular affiliation or underwriting by a larger entity has been a real success story, so I look forward to seeing what you've got in store next.

In the meantime, as Craig said, please continue to use this forum and others however you see fit - we'll keep the lights on for whoever wants to share and collaborate here.

~ Arik

Thanks Arik.

I still recall what an important role you played in facilitating for JISIB at the conference in Bad Nauheim in 2011 and in telephone follow-ups afterwards.

Our next goal is to get into the Web of Science database. It will probably take some more years, but a first evaluation by Thomson Reuters is expected this summer. 

Best, Klaus

Thanks Klaus. I very much agree with you.


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