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As outlined in Valerie Shuman's vision a few weeks ago, the Intelligence Collaborative will really revolve around initiatives that come under the "umbrella" of the group. Instead of being "in charge" of such initiatives, or providing capital for such activities, the Collaborative becomes a place where you can register your intentions with your fellow colleagues, gain momentum, support, advice, and volunteers, and move forward into the future.

Based on our conversations last Friday, it seems that already two initiatives are forming up.

1. Intelligence Mentoring

Discussions with Martha Matteo led to us define the need for mentoring for students and young professionals looking to continue cultivate a lifelong career in intelligence. This initiative could unite younger professionals with highly experienced thoughtleaders for mentoring and coaching opportunities, as well as bringing educators together with potential speakers for their programs.

2. Portuguese language intelligence community

As suggested by Lisbon-based professor and strategy consultant Miguel Duarte Ferreira, the Intelligence Collaborative can be a place where intelligence professionals who speak Portuguese can come together to share articles, opportunities for online training, and potential speakers.

To me, both of these sound VERY cool, and I look forward to participating in both of these initiatives. The question is, what platform might we use to coordinate these activities? This Ning site? Google Wave? Other?

Also - what other initiatives are you interested in proposing? Our Friday morning conference calls might be good place to get discussions going.

That's all for now. Exciting stuff!

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WOW - might we FINALLY have found the perfect application of Google Wave? That's my advice!
Of course, now I have to figure out how to use it - August should lead the next telecon on that!
No can do. I will be at the airport and will have to miss this week's call.
Thanks a lot August - sorry to nominate you without checking first ;-) Safe travels!

All, I suggest we have a brainstorming call for agenda ideas - what say you?

- Arik
No worries, Arik.

Thinking ahead to the next call when I would be able to do a briefing on Wave, what are the questions people have about Wave? What are the things they would like to learn how to do functionally? Please keep in mind the constraints of the medium and our time.
I think my questions are mostly along the lines of "why" rather than "how" so, an example would be "what are other people and/or groups using Wave for?" I've heard of Wave being used for lots of different things but never seen really any of them in action, so it's still a pretty abstract utility for me. I'd love to see a concrete screen shot or two (or 10) that would drive my further "how to" style questions once I know what's possible.

Thanks for taking this on August!
Sounds like a great call. Sorry I missed it, but I see from the other replies that a 9:00 a.m. EST is being considered for a future Friday call. IThat might work out better, but sadly Fridays are not great for me. I may just have to rely on posts!

As for the "cultivate a lifelong career in intelligence" I am happy to report that I have been asked to participate as a part of a panel at a Career Day event at my former highschool. The other panelists have more "traditional" careers - lawyers, teachers, doctors and the like. I am quite excited that I will be able to open up some kids minds to the possibility of a career they never considered. I first step in the mentoring process. Happy to help in this regard with anything else that comes up - maybe a good article to write to write about and share with the Intel Collab
Sounds neat Zena!
Neat -- I'm doing a high school career fair this week too -- right after the Intell Collaborative phone call on Friday. Perhaps one way simple way that we could all contribute to initiative #1 would be to share the presentations and/or outlines (on Friday I'm doing some whiteboarding, no powerpoint) from the occasions when we're involved in community outreach. Presentations could be to other business people, to business school classes, or to other levels of education.

It sounds like we might have some different options for sharing our content -- whether through the Google Wave community or the wiki that Mark has already developed.
Another collaboration vehicle was just launched by Tom Hawes. In addition to his great blog, he has launched another new website:, which will be used to talk about CI Case studies. Tom's thrown the door open for folks to contribute cases as well as to comment on those cases, which will make for a refining tool for real-life scenarios and how CI makes a difference.

This way, each case will start with a true-life or close-to-the truth scenario, and will have access to a melting pot of CI expertise which folks can draw upon.

This is something I would like to participate. I'll need a wave invite.
Just sent you one.


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