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China Institute of Competitive Intelligence 2009 Summit in Shanghai China

I'm chairman of the China Institute of Competitive Intelligence 2009 Summit in Shanghai... today and Saturday and, at least a couple of us (August Jackson, better known as @8of12 and myself) will be "tweeting" the meeting using the #intelcollab hashtag.

Please feel free to use this forum as a way to monitor and interact with us beyond the Twitter feed. Looking forward to any questions you all might have about the state of CI in China.

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I'm attending now, and listening Eric Glitman's report, heihei!
but I've a question want to ask Eric about the relationship between his career and SCIP?
HA! Nice to see you again Rainy - thanks! Perhaps you can ask him at the refreshments break?
ok, thank u eric, heihei
Hi Arik,
Based on previous years experience how do you compare this year conference in terms of number of participants, speakers and exhibitors? Do you consider that assessment a good indicator of CI development in China? And by the way have you had the chance to share the 'IntelCollab' approach in China? And if so what has been the feedback so far?
Enjoy your stay in China.
Hi Erik,I will be intersting to hear your impressions from this summit.
Best, Avner
Hi Arik,

Thanks for the update. I am interest to learn your perspective of the CI industry in China, as compared to the North America? And which industry is relatively more advanced in the CI development?


Thanks for sending me the link, Arik. Looks interesting, and I am glad to see you got Gabriel Andebjork with you. I am sure if Per Jenster had been at home in Shanghai right now he would have linked to come.

Take care,
From Stanford

Hi Klaus - I'm very eager to meet Per at some point soon - I've heard such great things from you and Sheila - would you please facilitate an email introduction? I plan to be spending a good deal of time in Shanghai in 2010.


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