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Receive the blessings of Christ to spiritualize your life....If you meditate long and deeply, and call to Christ with all the love of your soul, removing all barriers of restlessness and doubt, you will find him willingly entering in. You will know the real meaning and joy of Christmas.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda

May Christmas joy uplift your thoughts in sacred remembrance of that holy night in Bethlehem when the Christ Child was born as a celestial gift to humanity. The incarnation of Christ Consciousness in Jesus embodied the infinite light and succor of God. His presence showered divine largess as a healing balm on a world fraught with turmoil and suffering—not only for one time and place, but for the here and now, unto eternity. I pray that you receive this ineffable gift anew from God this Christmas, and each day of the new year, in the love-attuned silence of your devotionally receptive heart and mind.

What tremendous influence the exalted life of Jesus has radiated through the centuries!—a shining testimony to the greater power of love over hatred, goodness over evil, and unshakable faith in God over mortal trials. The inspiring realization given to us through personal example by our own blessed Paramahansaji is that we too can be transformed in Christ Consciousness if we pattern our day-to-day lives on the spiritual principles that informed the life of Jesus and all God-illumined souls.

Jesus was faced with arduous demands and tests in fulfilling his mission on earth. Yet such was his steadfast love for his Heavenly Father that he never allowed anything else to usurp God’s place on the throne of his heart. Because he was thus steeped in God, he was able to give boundlessly, to pour out kindness and compassion to all. Just a touch, a word, a look from him could heal and uplift those who sought God’s blessing.

Surely and satisfyingly that Presence gradually permeates our own lives when we regularly set aside time for deep meditation as Jesus did. How sublime it was to see our Gurudeva in communion with Christ during our all-day Christmas meditations, his face suffused with peace and bliss, sometimes with tears of love flowing from his eyes. Once he described Jesus in these words: “His face was divine....His eyes were the most beautiful, the most loving eyes I have ever seen. The whole universe I saw glistening in those eyes.”

As Christmas approaches, hold that blessed Christ near. In thought and in loving meditative communion, receive the true riches of this season, the Christ-joy and peace awakening within your soul. That is an inner wealth we can abundantly share with all. In these challenging times, we especially need to support one another—through acts of kindness, encouraging words, and prayers for our world family. To love and to give: that is the way Jesus lived, and the way we can begin truly to know him. May your Christmas be graced with the exchange of real soul-friendship with others, and filled above all with the supremely joyous, all-satisfying love of God.

A most blessed Christmas to you and your dear ones,

Sri Daya Mata

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Hi, Vivek, as a matter of fact for various people Christmas has various meanings [December 25 ( )]. :-)

Season's Greetings

from Poland
This is a simply beautiful work by my friend Alasdair Urquhart:

Happy New Year to all
Vivek Raghuvanshi
Same to you, Vivek!

Incidentally, education is our true vocation ( ), isn't it? :-)


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