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I'm new on this forum so I hope you'll apolize me if I start talking about things you ahave already spoke about!

I know India quite well as I've done my PhD on India politics (caste politics) and I lived for 5 years in New Delhi. But Competitive Intelligence in India is something I'd like to know more about.

I would really apreciate if someone could give references or sources in order I improve my knowledge before sharing it with you.



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If you can read Hindi, I'll tell you something u'd love to hear.

Why I say so is, a lot of organisations, including mine, have been practising competitive Intelligence at a very dormant level.

However, do not mistake it for the fact that it doesnt exist in India.

A large no. of KPOs today are doing it on the behalf of major North American and European clients.

CI just falls a little short of Industrial Espionage here because, although, SCIP does not have an India chapter, the Competition Commission of India, a Government Body overlooks this very aspect.

Like they say in one of the Bollywood flicks,

" ये तो अभी शुरुआत है...असली मज़ा तो अभी बाकी है.."

Hello Pradhuman,
Thanks for your reply.
I actually read Hindi even if I haven't speak Hindi for the last 18 months.



I have 22 years experience in all facets of Intelligence, amongst other activities I also teach the MBA Competitive Intelligence & Corporate Warfare program which has been renamed as MBA Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management at Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, India.

My friend Pierre Memheld and I were instrumental for the Indo French Joint Venture in Competitive Intelligence with EISTI- Ecole Internationale Des Sciences du Traitement de l’information.

We have held regular video conferencing with EISTI and its students and when Mr Alain Juillet (DGSE) was Senior Director, Government of France for Competitive Intelligence, I interacted with him and my friend Ms Nicole Beauvais Schwartz and Pierre Memheld and Francois Bernard Huyghe

Nicole met a very serious accident and she is recovering with God's grace and Pierre does not oversee India anymore.

With Phd in India Politics you will be the ideal candidate to pursue a career with DGSE or the Competitive Intelligence section of the French Government.

When you are in India next, lets discuss your insight on Political Intelligence


I know Pierre as we met several times since I came back from New Delhi after 5 years there.

For the moment, I've no plan to join DGSE as I'm currently doing a Master (after a PhD I'm a bit crazy!) in Competitive Intelligence & Knowledge Management at SKEMA Business School. The idea is to work in a private company.

I was wondering at what elevel of development was Competitive Intelligence In India, done by Indian people in Indian companies.

We must learn from the Humility of Mr Alain Juillet. Mr Alain Juillet mentioned that the French were just relatively new to competitive intelligence.


Compared to the modest statement by the great legend Mr Alain Juillet, I would say Indians are primitive ie we are in the stone age.


Lets learn from the humility of Mr Alain Juillet.



I agree with you. Few weeks ago I've attended a conference with Mr Alain Juillet and he really is someone we have to listen to.


You could start with researching CI for Political advantage.

I believe, it would be a new research area in itself.


What say..?


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