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Supply Chain analysis and Build to Print Manufacturing

Anyone have any pointers on how to assess competitors on their Build to Print manufacturing capabilities and their use of the supply chain?    Been working with the basic supply chain analysis, but would like to hear from others on how they do this--how do you assess and score.  I have questions like: Do channel partners really introduce lower costs? How do you assess the  balance risk vs low cost when customer specification are very high?  Does location matter?  What can you glean from financial analysis on a competitors capability to do manufacturing when cost and risk are major factors?

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Are you referring to print-on-demand and just-in-time print manufacturing?

Hi Richard,

First, Terry no we aren't talking about POD or JIT printing in the P4P/Commercial Print market. Build to Print  has nothing to do with printing, rather, and this is an oversimplified definition, it refers to outsourced product, sub-component, assembly etc manufacturing according to specifications and parameters designated by OEMs.

Back to you, Richard -  in order to really be helpful to you I would need to have an idea of which industry you are attempting to assess.  Reason being, investigating the supply chain of say, an aircraft manufacturer like Boeing would be an entirely different exercise than looking into the supply chain of an automotive manufacturer like Toyota. With this in mind, Toyota makes 8.5 M cars a year and Boeing makes around 500 planes, Toyota sells a car for around $30K and Boeing a plane for $100s of millions, Toyota procures 10s of thousands of parts, Boeing 5M or more, Toyota's DMC complexity is minimal and Boeing an order of magnitude more complex. Therefore, best practices in automotive supply chain management would not be the same in aerospace, variables would be weighted differently in one industry versus another and so forth.

Kind regards, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help.


Thanks. It was not a term I'd heard before.

 - twf

This would be for both commercial and government IT.  Large data centers and enterprise IT centers that will be installed in many locations.  The Build To Print would be the manufacture that takes the plans, then build racks of equipment for the installations.  Does that help?

Yep. I know someone that I think can help you. Give me a ring and I'll pass along his name, background, contact details.


Monica Nixon

208 585 7037

Monica, was out on the road, will call you when I land safely..

Yes, sir that would be fine.

Dear Richard, I would like to introduce myself to you. I represent a 750M Canadian company that specialize in Automation for many Industries, the part I represent is the division for Build to Print. If you would like to hear more or have specific needs please let me know and I would be more than pleased to contact you directly.


Richard Green


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