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What are the problems when searching for information using internet?

Dear Colleagues, 

What are the problems when searching for information using internet? 

Several weeks ago we lunched a study which seeks to understand the behavior of practitioners and professionals while searching information. We are particularly interested in defining problems, challenges and other issues with respect to your profession.

We have already 68 valid questionnaires but we would like to increase a little bit to have a more accurate picture. 

The questionnaire has essentially four open questions. We would be glad to listen you and understanding more about the problems and the tools do you employ when searching information. We are also interested in understanding if there are any new functionality that needed to be included in the tools. Based on the result of this first study we will build a second one where your inputs will be organized in to a structured questionnaire.

I hope you will participate in this survey:

Thank you very much for your help and we hope to see you as a participant!


Alessandro Comai

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Alessandro, what were the results?  Can you share?


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