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Thought you might find this interesting:
Colliers International and News Digital announces a new collaboration: "k:now". "k:now", a desktop widget streams information as it happens from not only The Australian, the Wall Street Journal and Colliers International but it also monitors the share price of A-REITS and other corporates with significant real estate portfolios. The K:NOW (an acronym for 'Know what's happening Now') widget is a first for the Australian property industry providing investors and corporate real estate executives a window on the property industry with three distinct views - latest property industry news, current ASX conditions and the latest updates from the world of Colliers International. (press release) April 29, 2009

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Thanks Bonnie.... That is really interesting. My concern however is that the rise of social media networking and these kind of information streams provide us ONLY with a greater range of information sources. I suspect that some people are mistakenly thinking that they are going to get good intelligence. This in fact may be one of the key blindspots for CI practitioners in the 21st Century. I think we need to be vigilant that we don't succumb to becoming just information sorters. What is your take on this?
I agree with Babette.

While access to information is always valuable, the CI profession must be careful to educate clients that information is not intelligence... this is our point of difference. If you wish to gather information, that's (relatively) easy. Interpreting information and delivering intelligence is where professional CI practioners add value.


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