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Just added Seena Sharp's and Eric Garland's book reviews to UK CIF, what do you think?

Given that there are now over 50 UK-based practitioners and interested parties in competitive intelligence, welcome your feedback and thoughts on the recent book reviews I have posted on the UK Competitive Intelligence Forum website.


Two titles concerned are very actionable indeed, but instead of me redrafting the reviews, take them in here 'Future Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s Next' by Eric Garland and 'Competitive Intelligence Advantage, How to Minimise Risk, Avoid Sur... by Seena Sharp.

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Hi Andrew - a very good pair indeed - both were on the Intel Collab call yesterday in fact! I'm wondering which PHP app you're managing your book collection with - it's slick!


- Arik
Thanks, Andrew. Really appreciate your review and letting people know it's worthwhile. I'm thrilled with the reception from my peers and the insights from those who don't do CI. It's already received 20 5-star reviews on Amazon and each comment discusses a different aspect of the book. (So you can read the reviews and almost know what the entire book is about. Dumb idea. Don't read this comment in parentheses.)


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