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Do you have a blog? If so, please list your feed and I'll aggregate them here.

Reply to this post with your blog feed (or address if you're not sure of the feed URL) and I'll aggregate them together here on the site.

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Thanks, Arik
You've sort of already got mine - at

A more memorable link is what I give out - I don't blog that often - only when I feel I have something meaningful to say. Entries are esoteric - drawing inspiration from all sorts of things. I cover analysis, leadership issues, management issues and searching. The latest entry is an analysis of the Cuil search engine that's been doing the rounds. (I'm not a fan - but then who is)
My blogs (in Russian):

Competitive Intelligence:

Corporate blogs:
Thanks Evgeny - I think I got them both.

До Свидания!

- Arik
> Competitive Intelligence:

I'd like to thank you, Evgeny, for your hint (Сайт по коммерческой тайне, Posted at 09:47, 19 Янв, 2009). I mean especially ИСО МЭК 27001 ( ) linked on the Web page Международные нормативно-правовые акты по безопасности ( ). Over two months ago, I started for my students the discussion thread Redukcja ryzyka ( ). I can encourage them now to compare the Polish załącznik A ( ) with the Russian Приложение A. :-)

There ( ) is also a bunch of aphorisms. Which of them are your favorites? I've enjoyed most the following ones:
- Безопасность сравнима со здоровьем, пока она есть мы о ней не задумываемся,
- Помни, что каждый день – первый в оставшейся части жизни,
- Система, надежность которой зависит от человека, всегда ненадежна...
Incidentally, the aphorism Русский человек славится своим умением находить выход из самых трудных ситуаций, но еще более он славится своим умением находить туда вход is too paradoxical to be true, isn't it? ;-)

> Evgeny Yushchuk

hi Arthur - yes, indeed, I got the Blogspot feed to pull successfully. Thanks!
Hi Ken - thanks! Can't believe I missed it but will add it to the aggregation list today.

All the best,

- Arik
[Raises hand]

Shameless blog promotion here.

Thanks AJ.
Thanks KM - I have grabbed the feed and included in the "pipe" - incidentally everyone, you can see that on the homepage on the right hand side and/or view/clone my pipe from here:
Law Firm CI
Ann Lee Gibson
Thanks Ann - I got your feed - check the left column on the homepage to see updates.

- Arik


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