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I know a lot of us are Twittering (or experimenting with it) of late.

Part of the value of Twittering is helping to know what members of this forum are busy with or seeing in their fields of work or markets. I know I'd love to know more about what you all do.

If you're on Twitter now, just add your name below as a comment and over time I'm sure we'll have a very robust community on there. I'll attempt to aggregate this list every month or so.

My Twitter ID is dan_mchugh

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Hi Arik

Yes you can probably get away with using one of them - eg #scip or #scip08

I'll experiment a little with it and see which works best - thanks again!
I'm still trying to figure out how to effectively use Twitter. Kind of reminds me of learning to use DOS shortcut commands waaaay back in the day.
My id is jlowder
Jon - just searched for you and didn't see you on there. Maybe your DOS shortcut commands need some refreshing?
Thanks to Suki, I'm twittering now. ID is kensawka.
Hi Ken - are you going to Rome? I'm going to attempt to tweet it a little and recruiting other twits to help.
I'm in but still skeptical about the value of this activity. I suppose that rather depends upon one's network.

Anyway, tweet tweet; my ID is adoxography.
I have met many of the people in my network on Twitter and those contacts have helped me gain insight to a great many pieces of info.
Hi Dan,

Please add me in here. My Twitter ID is duncanrob

Cheers.. Rob
Always a little late with these things, my Twitter ID is ellennaylor, not real original, eh. Happy Holidays! Ellen
Hi tweeps - I just put out the challenge to top 500 members here by the New Year - please retweet from or tweet your own using thanks in advance!


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