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I just joined the team here on Ning.
The best thing with social media is that, now, I can chat or 'talk' with some of you guys that I have already read your books and articles. Some 20 years ago we could read a book or listen to a song but interact with the author... too many filters and intermediaries.
Nowadays I can say to Mr. Vernon Prior, "Sir, your articles on FreePint made me enter and discover the beauty of CI activity". Isn't that amazing?
It's a communication 'downsizing', no middle levels needed anymore.
Well, it's 4h40 of the morning here in Portugal, not dawn yet, We have minus 1 tonight because of a Polar air mass and it feels great to be here writting to all of you CI Gurus.
Arik, I read all your newsletters religiously. Once I wrote you an email with some questions for my PhD and you were very kind and thoughtfull in your answer. Thank you for that, others that I asked for some guidance didn't act the same way.
We must remember that one day it's us that need someone and we'll appreciate the time and help of others.
I wish you all the best of the years on 2009, although we all know that it's a good thought but a difficult one to accomplish. Let's hope for the best.
Best Regards From Portugal and from the town of the amazing Oporto, the Port Wine. Cheers

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Thanks for joining us and for your very kind remarks - I look forward to learning more and hearing more about you and your interests.

Happy New Year,

Thank you
I've been following the growing of Aurora and I must say that you have done a great work in establishing your company as a landmark in CI activity. Here in Portugal, everybody that treasures CI knows your company.
Did you knew that the "lion and gazelle" sentence that you had on your website as been used all around the world to show the importance of been active and competitive? I'm sure you do.
Congratulations for you and your team.
My PhD interests are on the use of Web 2.0 by portuguese companies to the CI area, and the trends that we can obtain to develop new products from the desires and needs of consumers displayed in blogs, tagging and so on.
If you know some books, websites or articles that can be of some assistance, or some experts in the field (if they are Ning colleagues the better) I would be very pleased with all the help that everybody can give me because doing the PhD and having all the work in the university as well is a hard task (with 3 young kids at home you can imagine).
I don't know if you have been in Portugal already but I must warn you that we are very friendly and we are very proud in that. We open our house and serve meals to everybody that can be considered a friend.
So, if I waste your time with this posts is because us, portuguese, are just like that... simpathy, friendship, openness, willing to help, and so on (ask Tappscott... his wife is portuguese descendant and he knows this is true). Wherever you go, each country you visit, I'm sure there's a portuguese there (that's the friendly guy that offers you a drink without knowing you...).
A great year to you and Aurora
Kind regards
PS - please forgive me but in your new photo seems that you are getting younger... what's your secret??
Hi there Music Lover. I think you will find that Ariks' new photo is a "crop" of the old one. You see, getting closer does make you younger!! :-)
Thank God I'm not the only one with sense of humour...
I think that nobody learns if you are bored or uninteresting, like Charlie Brown's teacher - remember (bla bla bla bla bla - sleepy). d:~{
So, the trick is to zoom in and everybody thinks that you went to a turkish spa in the mediterranean...
Very pleased to meet you
Best regards
PS - I'm not sure if Arik will aprove your point of view... let's hope he has humour in his veins too...
If anyone knows my sense of humour it's Sheila ;-) Notice, I even Anglicized ("Anglicised"?) my humour (humor!) just for you Sheila. Happy new year, my dear! Congratulations again on becoming a Reader - I'll do a better write-up of it in a blog post I'm prepping for the site here.

Indeed, my new year's resolution, since I've given up all my worst vices (maybe all that clean living is getting rid of my "crow's feet", eh? anyhow...), was to finally Photoshop my avatar and get rid of the silly name-tag from the old version (see as well as zoom it in a bit. That picture by the way was the only good one from the series - most pictures of me aren't nearly so complimentary.

As for your Web 2.0 question, I recommend talking to Traction Software - Mr. Jordan Frank is very knowledgeable about cases of using Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 for CI. He's a member here as well - see:

Anyhow, thanks again for joining us and please complete your profile so we can get to know you better.

All the best for success in 2009,

- Arik
Music Lover - SM,

Thank you for your very kind remarks. It's very rewarding to hear that my writing has affected someone in such a positive way. I wish you every success in your CI endeavours.

Just by the way, my only experience with Portugal is that I once landed at Oporto during my days with the Royal Air Force, but was only able to stay for a few hours. Someday I hope to return for a longer stay. My other connection is that I am currently acting as CI mentor to a Portuguese student.

Kind regards,

Vernon Prior
Good morning
I'm sure you'll appreciate our hospitality and gastronomy in northern Portugal.
You're very welcome to come and visit us.
That portuguese student you mentioned, is he here or there? I'd like to have some contact with others with interest in CI here in Portugal but we are not many, I think!
Thank you for your time answering me
Best regards
Dear Sergio,

The person I'm talking about is Jose Maria Abreu, and he is a student at the Military Academy in Lisbon. I'm sure he won't mind you contacting him on his email address: Please give him my regards, should you do so.

Kind regards,

Hi Vernon - feel free to invite the fellow you're talking about to the group - perhaps Sérgio will start a discussion forum on CI in Portugal as well....?

- Arik
Thanks Arik,

I will be happy to bring it to Jose's attention.

You should start a group about it here Sérgio - I know many others have country-based discussion forums started already including Germany and Australia then you could invite Portuguese colleagues to join you as well.

- Arik


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