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There is marketing ( ) and there is political marketing as an area of marketing specialization ( ). However, are there similar connections between Competitive Intelligence ( ) and political consulting ( )? An hour ago, I've encouraged my Security & Safety Engineering students at Poznan University of Technology to reflect on it ( ). Can they count also on your help?

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I'd like to thank you, Vivek, for continuing this discussion about studying at universities and colleges problems of Competitive Intelligence both in economy and in politics. However, what interests me most is an answer to the question: Do also your students deserve the description "co-creators of learning rather than simply passive recipients of instruction" used by Ralph Young ( )? What therefore could be told about the following key finding of a 2007 report entitled Implementing Effective Approaches to Student Engagement and Retention in Australian Universities quoted by that vice president of Microsoft?

Students characterized learning as a profoundly social experience. Social networking, e-mail, instant messaging, blogging, text messaging, and other connective technologies were seen as critical to this experience.

As all you know, my students experience such abilities at . At what exact URL do, for example, AMITY INSTITUTE OF COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE students ( ) experience them?

I'm afraid you haven't had enough time to reflect on the following.

An emphasis on student engagement represents the cornerstone of any credible attempt to shape tertiary education for the future. This means facilitating interest-driven and problem-based learning and other pedagogical methods that focus on teaching students how to learn. A love of learning and expertise in mastering new knowledge and skills are indispensable competencies in today’s dynamic, fast-moving global economy.

As for me, I've propagated problem-based learning since the beginning of my academic career at Poznan University of Technology ( ), namely since 1970. Internet has turned out a wonderful help in doing that.
Righly said Mr. Lemańczyk, I meant the same when I said “The thought has been put to practice in AICI.” And “Until & unless the students are studying with freewill, they can’t study”.

The classes that we attended at AICI were Case study based and made us apply our minds.

Indeed, internet has been a tremendous help but as you will also appreciate that it cannot be a substitute for the experiences in real life. We have learnt from a person who has “been there and done that.”

I was going through this discussion of CI in Economy & Politics and noticed that the discussion has taken an interesting turn.

Mr. Lemańczyk, I fully agree with the thought that the students should be "co-creators of learning rather than simply passive recipients of instruction".

I am proud to say that at AICI, the thought has been put to practice and the students along with the alumni of AICI find themselves quite interested in the lessons of CI given by the most competent faculty members.

The classes have given us a new perspective and have made us capable of seeing things in the macro and micro perspectives.

Sir, I would like to say that until and unless a person is studying with free will, they can not “study”.

More over, the concept of feed back has been discussed; we do not need ( ) for voicing our concerns. We had direct access to the Director and Faculty members to “voice “our concerns. These measures had been taken to respect the “Free Will” of the students of AICI.
They aren't the only similarities between CI in economy and CI in politics. Most important of all seem to be researching competitive political parties in order to obtain information about them, and doing that--a tendency to cross the border with spying (see, for example, the Watergate Affair).
HI Tad,
You are right. We might need modifications in our education system to bring a transitional change.

Our instructor ( V.R.) might be trash for some people. But just imagine a non existing species of man who has changed and turned around the fate of his clients.
He never taught us. He is not a preacher but what he did may be ‘hard for us’. Portrayed self as an example.
Inspired us to become not like him but always better. He gave his most lethal weapon to us.
Free Will. Power of the mind.

Free will is good until you are a wise man. And you do not realize the importance till you are asked to do so.

I did not join this course to learn academics rather to understand how to create your own space in the ferociously competitive market.

So how you survive. Free Will is the savior. Different men and women. Different minds. Different abilities. But its our perception, our vision which defines our soul. What choices we make in our life.

Sir Tad you mentioned:

“A love of learning and expertise in mastering new knowledge and skills are indispensable competencies in today’s dynamic, fast-moving global economy.”

I can read the above lines as:
A.Hunger for knowledge. Passion for your work.
B.Identifying Strategic Inflection Points.
C.Adaptable to change

And it is our FREE WILL. Because Fast Moving Global Economy.

As you might know, in India people prefer meeting personally to discuss issues and solve problems, so social networking sites are always used as a tool for recreation. But recreation differs for all. Different interests,

"Interest-driven" and "Problem-based" learning play a vital role in education system of an individual. At AICI we followed these global standards.

But not sure about others, at least AICI again enjoyed this part of the system because of the free will.
Concept not only pertaining to education and academic studies. Our own choice to Follow it and implement it in our daily lives. To become better human beings too.
And moreover, I do not focus on problem based learning totally. How do you learn? Unlearn.

I would not say we are the best of the students the world has but we always try to learn from best of the people.
And I would not say V.R. is the best of the instructors we have but it is the best world can have.

Stale starać się być silniejszy. Jest naszej woli

I concur with you, Arjun. Also in Poland social networking sites are predominantly used as a tool for recreation. However, imagine that--would both of us be able now to discuss any issues and solve any problems if there weren't such social networking sites as Competitive Intelligence. Tactical, Operational & Strategic Analysis of Markets, Competitors & Industries ( ) or Multilingual Studies at a Distance. Students and Academics of All Countries, Unite! :-) ( )?

Ariyatha pilla choriumbo Ariyam ( ). :-)

Dear Mr Lemanczyk,

"Ariyatha pilla choriumbo Ariyam" ( this is not Hindi but one of the other regional languages )

"People feel it when they have it" - Explain

Please Elucidate - context - in English
People feel it when they have it--seems that it sounds convincingly: if people had social networking sites used as a tool for resolving their problems, they would appreciate them not only as a tool for recreation.

The sorcery and charm of imagination, and the power it gives to the individual to transform his world into a new world of order and delight, makes it one of the most treasured of all human capacities - Frank Barron

The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists. - Charles Dickens
Lemme clear upon this proverb .. 'coz this is our regional language..

in de essence of interpretation .. ARIYATHA PILLA CHORIUMBO ARIYAM

The person who doesnt have or follow any moral codes or any disciplinary within the self, will certainly be a rotten child. But, even that person will turn the tides against his favour , once he starts having the transformatiion and thats called FREE WILL , which arises out of sheer determination and an inflection point in his life, which turns his life up-side down. !


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