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Conferences in 2011 - where will you be in person?

Hello Intelligence People,

Twitter's great, and Skype's video and audio keep getting better. Call me "old school," but I like actually meeting people, having lunch with them, seeing them in real time. I know, I know, it's very 2004 of me. I learn more that way, and incidentally have more fun.

To learn more about CI, futures, and all of that, I'm planning on hitting the Association for Strategic Planning's conference in Dallas next February, the SCIP annual conference in Florida next May for sure, and the World Future Society convention in Vancouver.

But hey, that's not enough face time. I'd like to know - where are YOU planning on being in 2011?  Which other conferences - intelligence or not - are you planning on actually being at in person? 

I especially want to hear about Europe and Asia, since I can't really drive there too easily.

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In addition to the ASP and SCIP meetings next year, I'll be at the SLA (Special Libraries Association) meeting in Philadelphia in June - the CI Division there is about 650 members or so.
I hope to be there too! Sorry to double post this!!
Great addition Arik, SLA has a growing CI division indicating a raising interest in open-source web data from specialized librarians.
In addition to Eric's suggestion, I would add Pharma-CI that generally takes place in NJ on late September.
Don't forget SLA 2011 in Philly. The CI Division promises to have loads of good content.
Zena, anything happening in Canada we should know about? I always look for professional opportunities in Saskatoon and Abitibi-Témiscamingue. (But also the remote villages of Toronto, Calgary, and Montréal)
Hi Eric and all,

next June, here in Spain, VISIO is going to take place.

You can see all the information at

¡Eso es exactamente lo que buscaba!

This is great, Estefania. Check it: innovation, competitive intelligence AND economic development all in one package, and it's in Bilbao, one of the world's most awesome cities. Call for papers is still going on - I am definitely going to try to make it to the Basque Country for this.

What about elsewhere in Europe? Asia?
I keep my schedule updated online here:


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