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If interested, I  have a new blog for CI professionals-

     Suggestions and constructive criticism welcome.



John Potter

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One hint: drop the "www" and make it "blogspot" instead of "blogpost" and you'll get to another well-stocked CI information resource.

Geez, that looks bad, I gotta get more sleep- .

Thanks for the callout

Viewed the Gap Analysis screencast and tweeted it. Will spend more time reading other posts. Thanks for posting the link.

I have read your postings and have some comments/observations.

1. Congratulations on starting your new business. Although it can be a challenge (at least that is my experience), it is a lot of fun. Many people on this forum have gone before us and can supply helpful lessons-learned information.

2. You blog differently than I do - and that is a good thing. I like the short snippets of information with links in a continuous flow. This makes it easy for me to absorb and decide what links to follow for more information.

3. I appreciate your references to my work. We all like to be cited/promoted by others. You are doing this well and that encourages reciprocation.

4. I am impressed with your website too. It feels "clean" and professional.

Good luck with your efforts. Let me know if I can be helpful to you.

Tom Hawes

JTHawes Consulting
Strategically Thinking Blog
CI Case Studies
CI Case Studies Blog
Thanks- thats very encouraging to hear! Hope to someday embed a video of my speeches on CI (on the website).



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