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SCIP09 presenters - what are you unveiling next week in Chicago?

I'm heading to Chicago next week to enjoy SCIP 2009 and a few slices of delicious tomato pie. (With apologies to August Jackson.) I happen to be presenting next week, but am also looking to find out the other world-class learning opportunities and social events I should be focused on.

Sure, you can always go to the official SCIP website to see the longhand descriptions - but I want to hear from you all: What's your elevator pitch for the great ideas you are unveiling next week at SCIP09?

My stuff: Keep It Positive - Use Competitive Intelligence to Find New Business Opportunities (Thurs., 2:45pm)

In a nutshell: Take it from a guy who often delivers bad news about the future, it's always easier to keep your job and your clients coming back when you are bringing people news of the upside and ways to make money. It's often the same methodology of competitive trend analysis just flipped on its head. My one hour educational session is going to focus solely on getting your CI unit focused on value generation, perceived as more of a profit center, and hopefully given embarrassing amounts of budget.

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Digimind will participate in several events:
- Wed.4/22, 2:00P-5:00P: CI software clinic (
- Thurs.4/23, 2:45pm: Beyond RSS feeds and news aggregation, How to leverage on primary web information to secure revenue stream
- Booth #608: Real-time analytic,and dashboards. From web collection to mobile CI. Product announcement
My stuff: Global Competitive Intelligence, On Demand (Thursday @ 5pm)

In a nutshell: eCompetitors Inc will discuss a new type of CI information resource. The new information category breaks free from government industry classification systems (like: SIC codes, NAICS, ISIC, etc.). After more than seven years of research and development, has created an online model of the global economy in terms of the top 10,0000 global industries by leveraging the ideas of Michael E. Porter and his five forces methodology. Companies can now view their competitors at the line-of-business level, where true competition takes place. In our research, the average global 1000 company competes in approximately 52 lines of business.
Given Oracle's purchase of Sun Microsystems, we will also show, at the end of the presentation, a demo / sample of our line-of-business research showing the combined Oracle+Sun (approximately $37B in revenue competiing in 213 lines of business) vs HP (approx $136B in 332 lines of business) vs IBM (approximately $111B in 626 lines of business).
I'll be giving two presentations at SCIP 09 in Chicago next week.

One is on teaching sales how to elicit information ethically while building relationships with their customers to uncover new product ideas. Kind of a different way to use our elicitation skills as competitive intelligence professionals.

The other is using Cooperative Connecting when establishing an Early Warning program. As I often do I bring cooperation and "people connecting" into the competitive intelligence equation and process.

You can read more detail about my talks here.

I am looking forward to meeting my competitive intelligence colleagues and making some new friends too! C U there!

Ellen Naylor
Thanks for the initiative on this Eric - at 9:40 on Friday morning, Craig Fleisher and I will be facilitating an active dialog on CI's decade ahead that I implore you (in particular) to participate in - check it out:

CI2020: What Might CI Look Like in the Year 2020?
Active Dialog Track
Craig S. Fleisher and Arik Johnson

The first 25 years of competitive intelligence history has always been more about understanding and anticipating the future as it has been concentrated on the dynamics of the present. This session will engage that insight and foresight to imagine and react to what those possibilities might become and begin creating a shared understanding of how we might get there... together.

Attendees will:

Examine the potential alternative futures of the CI profession and construct a best-case, worst-case, most-probable and highest-impact matrix of evolving scenario visions
Apply techniques of collaborative "futuring" to develop foresight using the CI2020 case example
Discuss what the analytical framework of the future will look like and how it can be optimized and automated
Learn from one another where CI is best positioned to succeed in the future and what topics it should focus on
Thanks, Eric.

My Active Dialogue section is at the same time as yours. Sorry I can't be there, but I already know your content and message are great.

My Stuff: BOTTOM-LINE INTELLIGENCE: How to Increase Your Intelligence ROI
Tim Powell
Thursday 2:45pm

Anyone welcome, but Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners will benefit most. Also their managers, and especially their users/clients would benefit.

In a nutshell: There's plenty at SCIP about "how to" do intelligence. But, why do it at all, if it doesn't directly contribute to enterprise strategies and objectives? Several large companies have recently come up short on that answer, and have downsized the CI function or eliminated it entirely.

I hope you'll join us to discuss:

- What are your major challenges, frustrations, and “points of pain” as an intelligence practitioner/ provider?
- What do you think your intelligence clients'/ users' major challenges, frustrations, and points of pain are?
- Is intelligence a “growth industry” in your organization, flat, or down – and why?
- Is the definition of intelligence in your organization changing? How, and why?
- How does your organization assess the value of intelligence?

If you can't make it, be sure to watch our new video on meeting this important challenge here.




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