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What are the key skills any CI professional should have?

Hi everyone,

Given that I'm still a young CI professional, currently studying MSc CI & Strategic Communication in France, I would like to have your opinion on a skill-related question.

What are, according to you, the key skills that young CI professionals should have ? What kind of technical skills and/or strategic skills should a student in CI develop ?

If I'm asking you this question, it's mainly because I want to use the rest of my time in Uni to gain knowledge and develop skills that will be my value on the job market.

Thanks for you future answers !

Jean Baptiste

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Hi Jean Baptiste,
The best skills are those similar to a journalist, specifically:
Independent thinker
More concerned with meaning & implication than facts
Thinks beyond product, service, company
Raises questions, not just answers them
Good communication (oral & written) and good listener
Understands how business (non-profit or education……) works

Hi Seena, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your answer, it's pretty interesting to see that the list you provided is more about qualities/soft skills than just skills =)

Hi Jean:

Check out this site

Here you'll find references and publications about the "Body of Knowledge" (BOK) for Competitive Intelligence Professionals. It was developed and published in 2008 by SCIP (prior to its merger with the Frost&Sullivan's foundation).

Have a look and do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any further questions!

Hi Rainer,

Thanks for your answer, I didn't know about the BOK for CI Professionals, it's pretty interesting, especially for the management side. I'll bookmark it :)

Before Frost:   Useful material produced by SCIP
With Frost:    Bonnie posting every damn story with "competitive intelligence" in it onto and parties.

Great organizational move!

Hi Trip:

I can asure you that the BOK was developed prior to the SCIP/F&S merger. Actualy John Prescot, who headed the BOK initiative, presented the BOK results at SCIP's annual conference in 2008 (Chicago) - his slides from this event and some related publications are still availible. As we all recall, two weeks after this conference the merger debate arose triggered by SCIP's disasterous financial situation.

"The rest is history", as they say.

LITERALLY history – SCIPs behavior over the last five years resembles the Decline of the Roman Empire (malaise, corruption, decay).  

But at least there are parties and!


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