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Excellent Article: Knowing Why You Lose Won’t Always Help You Win: Sales and Marketing Intelligence

I recently came across an article written by Allen Armstrong, that I want to share with the Sales and Marketing Group.


It questions the focus of many Win-Loss Programs (which are in general to much focussed on the loss part) and gives some food for thought for improving the current setup.


Enjoy reading!

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I agree that too many focus on losses. Another thing you gain from wins is implementation that you don't get with losses. As stated in the article customer service can be such an important decision making criteria. A balance of 50:50 wins and losses seems to work best in general. This balance keeps companies away from the inevitable blind spots of doing just wins or losses. Thanks for sharing, Johannes.

Good reminder.  Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing Mr. Johannes..

It's funny how conducting win loss analysis really doesn't change over time. I was just re-reading this article in a new vein since I am writing a book on how to conduct win loss analysis. I liked the perspective of including win and loss interviews that Allen suggests in his article. 

What I am learning is win loss analysis' best ROI is to help Sales retain more business. It's much cheaper to retain business than to gain it, although winning new business sure is exciting and sexy. 

Just for fun, I wrote a blog on 20 reasons to do win loss analysis. Since then I have thought of so many more going through my case studies and those of other consulting firms. Win loss analysis is a creative process as long as you ask and probe more deeply on those open ended questions. Trusting your intuition is a key interviewing skill, and it comes in handy in win loss interviews.


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