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A new (2013) edited book by my good friend and co-author Sheila Wright. One of my chapters written with Sheila is in it.

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Comment by Sheila Wright on February 23, 2013 at 6:17am

Hi Arik, Craig and Andrew,

Thanks for the publicity for this effort.  I am quite pleased with the way it has been received.  It is a research monograph rather than a text book but I think that the articles which are included will have relevance to practitioners too.  In Chapter 1, I have attempted to bring together the various strands of intelligence location which can typically be found in a firm, which may (only may) go some way to bringing clarity to the fuzziness of real-life CI work.  Craig has given an accurate web link for anybody wishing to purchase a copy but if you have problems there, then you can also try this one which is priced in GBP:

Thanks again


Comment by Arik Johnson on February 22, 2013 at 5:04pm

Congratulations Sheila - where can we buy a copy?

Comment by Craig S. Fleisher on February 22, 2013 at 8:22am

Thanks Andrew. It is available directly from the publisher, Routledge, by linking through to or I also see it online now at most of the major, global booksellers. Here are the contents:

1. Converting input to insight: organising for Intelligence-Based Competitive Advantage Sheila Wright

Part I: Competitive Intelligence 2. Competitive Intelligence programmes for SMEs in France: evidence of changing attitudes Jamie R. Smith, Sheila Wright and David Pickton 3. Complaints are a firm’s best friend Sophie Larivet and François Brouard 4. Applying a behavioural and operational diagnostic typology of competitive intelligence practice: empirical evidence from the SME sector in Turkey Sheila Wright, Christophe Bisson and Alistair P. Duffy 5. SMEs’ attitude towards SI programmes: evidence from Belgium Sophie Larivet and François Brouard

Part II: Competitive Analysis 6. Leadership teams rediscover market analysis in seeking competitive advantage and growth during economic uncertainty Lyndon Simkin and Sally Dibb 7. The power of intuitive thinking: a devalued heuristic of strategic marketing Anthony Patterson, Lee Quinn and Steve Baron 8. Competitive Intelligence analysis failure: diagnosing individual level causes and implementing organisational level remedies Craig S. Fleisher and Sheila Wright 9. Is loyalty driving growth for the brand in front? A two-purchase analysis of car category dynamics in Thailand Dag Bennett and Charles Graham 10. Modeling customer churn in a non-contractual setting: the case of telecommunications service providers Ali Tamaddoni Jahromi, Mohammad Mehdi Sepehri, Babak Teimourpour and Sarvenaz Choobdar

Part III: Competitive Strategy 11. Protecting the Olympic brand: winners and losers Trevor Hartland and Nicola Williams-Burnett 12. Moving closer to the customers: effects of vertical integration in the Swedish commercial printing industry Thomas Mejtoft 13. Market orientation in non-profit organizations: innovativeness, resource scarcity, and performance Pratik Modi 14. Bridging virtual and real worlds: enhancing outlying clustered value creations Daniel D. Bretonès, Bernard Quinio and Gilbert Réveillon

Comment by Andrew Beurschgens on February 21, 2013 at 4:12pm

Loving the front cover! Need to see how I get a copy

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