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Alex Ziaullah Mirza's Blog – July 2020 Archive (3)

#IoT beyond fun, is Security Risk If not address

“Tiny IoT devices don’t have power to do really powerful security.”

Even early 1980s grade 8-bit, 8MHz chips with only 2k of RAM can do elliptic curve cryptography with a 256-bit key-length and are effectively as strong as RSA crypto with 2,048-bit key length, which is strong enough for U.S. “Secret” level national security information. That crypto is done using such little battery power that signing or verifying data on the hour every hour for twenty…


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Why would #TechTourism grow faster than other Tourism Industry?

Hey! thanks for coming to this page and article, It will increase my page optimization. :) Got it? Never mind we come to the topic. " #TechTourism " . A number of people from various line of business asked me what is #TechTourism? with facts, If I am defining it then i call it " Technologies for Tourism " just like "Technologies for Finance " which is also #finTech (Financial Technology).

More or less #TechTourism is derived from various industries' combination like Technology or…


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Deep Dive: A State of #Malaysia, #Penang

State Level Scanning: (Brief): Island & Land area, good for shipping business, Tourism Business and Food Business as well construction business. Penang is less developed state as compared to the Selangor except electronic industries which is 80% equipped or ready for rev 4.0 [This is because Penang has been a hub for electric & electronic manufacturing industries and this provides strong basement for IOT industries toward 4.0] . Penang does have…


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