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What other types of new technology, especially "web 2.0" tools, do you find valuable? I'm thinking of tools like technorati, and Linkedin and custom RSS feeds. I suppose you could include the whole pantheon of Google apps in there as well. You might also include high end tools like what Anderson Analytics offers.

I'm interested in hearing how other people have adapted some of these great gadgets for CI purposes.

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I have just published an article in an Israeli management magazine about using LinkedIn for CI purposes. Unfortunately, it is in Hebrew. The bottom line - LinkedIn is very useful for CI especially with its new features( one of them - company profile).
Avner Barnea
We have developed our own blog research (Opinion research) platform. The opinion research outputs are derived from a mix of technology aids (including Natural Language Processing) as well as human interpretation.
I have written recently an article in Status - Israel management Magazine( unfortunately in Hebrew) about the various uses of LinkedIn for CI purposes. Usually, I'm advising my clients to use dedicated systems for CI mostly those that have developed in Israel.
Avner Barnea
Web 2.0 tools - LinkedIn, Xing, and Omgili.

I also like Digg - although not as useful as Omgili for CI. As for Google Apps - well I'm presenting a case study on using this and LinkedIn for CI at the International Online Conference in December. I'm not sure how we'd have done the research required as quickly if we hadn't had these tools - so our customer got results in a much short time period.

I don't have a favorite however. They are all tools - and you choose the right tool for the job. (Asking for favorites is a bit like asking a carpenter which tool he prefers - a saw, a screwdriver, a hammer or a drill. Try screwing in a screw with a saw or a hammer. You can't!)
I'd never heard of Omgili Arthur - thanks for the tip!
Hello Arthur - I hadn't either and it's very useful - thanks for the lead!
It is important to be updated on the latest gadets, which is much what this chat is about, but i agree, the main problem is rather - to keep with the language of Arthur - to know how to use the tools to build a good house. you can have the tools and know nothing about building a house. you can even become an expert on the tools, which would then even make you seem a bit silly in front of the carpenters. thus the really important question is how do you become a good carpenter? it has less to do with technology than about knowing your industry and knowing the world (history, geograpy, philosophy, economics, politics). put differently after we have discussed the gadgets, lets talk about what we read and how we learn.

Omgili is interesting. But again, it is another tool of gathering information. The challenge is tools for analysis. I will speak on this subject on the European Summit 08.
Avner Barnea
Very interesting thread here. Can anyone share a success story related to using any of these technology tools - a key source interview, an insight gained that would have otherwise been missed without these tools, etc. It would be great to be able to not only say that CI practitioners and consultants are using these tools, but that they are benefiting from them with some real success stories. Thanks!
At least 20 Israeli companies are using these tools (developed by 2 different Israeli software houses) on regular basis. It has become almost ordinary tools for CI professionals here. They are saying that they cannot see their activity without these tools. Unfortunately, none of them appearing in the newly released report by Fuld - 2008-2009 Intelligence Software Report®. Hope that my presentation of one of the concepts that has been implemented, in the coming European Summit 08 will be useful.
Avner Barnea
Which one are you using Avner?
As a CI consultant I find myself very often occupied with IT solutions for CI needs . I know the solutions in Israel and abroad while I'm very familiar especially with the two local solutions and can help companies to decide what answer their CI needs. I'm pushing forwards this direction. There are two new solutions in advanced development.


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