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I am giving a SCIP presentation on CI tools.  I thought I would ask the ning community what are your favorite CI tools and why?

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Richaed, What are the CI tools you are refering to?

Analysis tools like SWOT, STEEP, Four Corners, Various financial analysis tools; things like that.

It will be interesting to take tools known from national intelligence and to see how much they can be relevant to CI. The tools  you have mentioned are known for years. I thought it will be intersting to look beyond them.

I just used those as examples because they are well known. There are many, many others, I just wanted to see what others are using.

Take a look at the excelent book ANALYSIS WITHOUT PARALYSIS, written by Craig Fleisher and Babette Bensoussan. You will find a selection of the most used, and important, analysis tools.

Best regards

Thanks Sandro, I have read that. Those are what I call the staples every CI professional should know.  I was looking to see if people were using other tools.


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