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Ethical intelligence research: A handy guide

Joshua Brown is "The Reformed Broker," a professional money manager who appears to be part of this very cool next generation of financial analysts who are actually skeptical of their own industry. Together with the financial punk rockers at ZeroHedge and the lean and mean stock picking machines of Stocktwits, it seems like financial research might actually get important to read again, instead of the mindless press release fodder it normally resembles.

Their interest in the recent insider trading scandals should be required reading for competitive intelligence people - especially this handy-dandy guide to ethical practices that seems to expound in more vivid detail on the oft-cited SCIP code of ethics.


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Love this, thanks for posting Eric.
Nice post Eric. :)
Love it. :)
Made my day!
Awesome, I choked on my coffee laughing!
Now that is a clever way of differentiation! Thanks Eric.
LOL! Thanks for sharing
Thanks Eric for this relaxing moment.
Useful, and love the humor, too. Tweeted this. :)
Quite thoughtful
The first and last are kinda Deja Vu..!!
Good one...!!
Gud one Eric! Thats a nice way of differentiating!


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