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UK Competitive Intelligence Forum website is now live - what do you think?

Fellow professionals,

Just to advise that the UK Competitive Intelligence Forum, a UK international affiliate of SCIP, has launched its website - - as a UK window on the world of competitive/market intelligence.

Registered users can download past events' presentations and published reviews as well as additional articles, links through to other forums (including this one) and media as well as book reviews. To fine tune or get started.

Welcome your feedback (good/bad/indifferent) and look forward to you popping along.

Enjoy, the Board, UK Competitive Intelligence Forum

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Well done Andrew!


It is quite good; easy to navigate with gd resources.

Kind regards,
Well done all involved in UK CIF.

It's needed, it's wanted and now it has it's own web-presence. May this be the start of something new for UK CI.
You coming into the fold a bit more Arthur, subject to diary clashes? Please advise and thanks in advance
the sum of the parts is better than the parts. Let's hope so and can only work to that end state Arthur,
Thank you and enjoy the day


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