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Mapping/modeling software can improve efficiency in strategic and marketing planning. We are actively looking for reviews and experience in Matrix V5 or the likes that should support and prepare for the creative thinking process in marketing planning and strategic planning.

Anyone out there with sufficient insights and recommendations?

No sales pitches please. Thanks bunches, Jens

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Our workgroup had some very nice success with the paid version of Google Earth which allowed you to map locations of competitor plants, etc. I know there are other packages, but you can get really good results with even bargain basement alternatives for mapping.
Thanks Mark, maybe I was unclear with the terminoligy. Mapping relates to market (size, opportunity, landscape, attractiveness, etc.) mapping in a strategic planning sense.

We are looking for a tool that can help our marketers to visualize and compare quickly (internal, external) market data prior to detailed value proposition and other analysis.

Kind regards, Jens

We do use VantagePoint as a tool to help us visualize and draw insights from patents and R&D publication databases. We can see social networks, patentin activity and look at company relationships for example. Is that what you are referring to?

Thanks Grégory. Not really: its more about markets, their attractivenss, value proposition mapping etc. Matrix V5 offers quite a bit of depth and ease of use. I was wondering if there are complimenting tools out there.
Hi Jens,
Have you ever thought of Opinion research? which gives you an insight of opportunity, attractiveness, and more than you can think of, cos we are dealing with the customer and need to think from the point of customer if you can put together the comments posted by the customer on a related in Industry or a product, we can find the required inputs but you need a mechanism which is able to relate the opinion, and i am sure there is any model in place. Unless its tailor made according to your specification.

It took us almost 1.5 yr to develop such a thing and its working for us.
or can be done manually which requires a huge work force.
Thanks Vickyath.

Opinions research doesn't really help us as a structured approach for what we are aiming for and our B2B topics are practically nowhere publically discussed.

Thanks, Jens


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