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Interest in starting an online-only academic CI journal?

I'd like to open a discussion on the possibility of (re)starting and academic, peer-reviewed CI journal using an online-only format. This could be done with or without SCIP's involvement, and could be a way of providing a journal with minimum financial expense. There are many open source publishing systems set up to do this.

The biggest challenge would be finding (and compensating) an editorial staff. Perhaps the academic members of the CI community could absorb it into their work responsibilities, soliciting volunteer editors and reviewers from other CI practioners. I don't know what the requirements are for a journal article to be considered "published" for purposes of faculty tenure review and promotion. Perhaps it could follow the requirements of the previous SCIP journals.

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Brilliant! Thank you Sheila. I guess the question that I still have out there is Craig's #3 above; could SCIP "spin off" JCIM so that another body or group or consortium or something could fund its resurrection or is it a moot point now? Are CI academics better off with one of Craig's other options above - creating something new, doing nothing, publishing within the existing non-CI-specific journals or another option?

What's your take Sheila?
Flipping through a magazine on someone's coffee table this weekend, I came across this article (don't you love those serendipitous CI finds?)

It's about a new open access on-line peer-reviewed academic law journal being started at Harvard. Of course if you are Harvard, things are much easier, but even they needed funding from outside sources...
Open Access Journals:

I was looking at open access journals and found the following:

Business Intelligence Journal,
Volume 2 - Number 1 - January 2009 - Semiannual Publication
Published by the IIU Press and Research Centre, A.C., Brussels EU Commission Building, Rond Point, Schuman 6, Box 5, 1040 Brussels, Belgium, for the Department of Business Management and Economics (BME) of the School of Doctoral Studies (European Union) at the Isles Internationale Université (IIU-EU), Brussels, Belgium in collaboration with the Business Intelligence Service of London, UK (Sayco UK).

Information Sciences for Decision Making
ISSN: 1265499X
Subject: Media and communication --- Computer Science
Publisher: University of South Toulon - Var
Country: France
Language: French, English
Keywords: information sciences, competitive intelligence
Start year: 1997

South African Journal of Information Management
ISSN: 1560683X
Subject: Education --- Business and Management --- Library and Information Science
Publisher: University of Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Keywords: information management theory, information management technologies, knowledge management, competitive intelligence, education, business
Start year: 1999

In addition, I found a few open access journals dealing with military intelligence and/or homeland security intelligence issues.
Mark, You could have saved yourself some time. Look at Table 4 in this article which is just about all you need to know which titles accept CI work.

Bibliography and Assessment of Key Competitive Intelligence Scholarship: Part 4 (2003-2006)
by Craig S Fleisher, Sheila Wright and Rob Tindale
Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management, Volume 4, No. 1, 2007, pp 32-92

This assumes of course that SCIP will still grant you access to it because all the articles seem to have disappeared. This is not what authors and their readers expect from a Journal publisher.


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