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Do you have a blog? If so, please list your feed and I'll aggregate them here.

Reply to this post with your blog feed (or address if you're not sure of the feed URL) and I'll aggregate them together here on the site.

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Yo Arik:

I'm lifting my head from private work to start contributing a bit more content out this space!
Great Eric - thanks - I'll get you into the feed aggregator - confirm in 24 hours or so on the homepage lefthand column.

- A
Hey Arik,

Great idea, hope I'm not too late.

I currently blog at

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Tim - not at all too late - in fact, I successfully pulled your feed to the "pipe" where I'm aggregating them and any new posts will auto-populate to the lefthand column on the homepage of the Ning site.

Hope all's well!

- Arik
Hello Arik, I just started blog at Thank you, Alan
I've got your feed Alan - thanks!
Hi Arik,

I started a blog as my new year's resolution, entering the frey at Thanks for all you do to keep us hanging together on this Ning site. Ellen
Got the feed Ellen - thanks again!
Hi Arik,

I just started a blog in English language, finally. You will find it at Besides my German blog at which you already included in the aggregated feed I felt I have to connect a little bit more to the rest of the world ... :-)

All the best,
Great Andreas - thanks - got your feed added - love the theme by the way!

- Arik
Sure Arik!

I have 2 of relevance:

Pharma Strategy Blog

Pharma Competitive Intelligence
Got 'em both Sally - thanks!

- A


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