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The finest book I have read on Competitive Intelligence. Full of useful information and she does not blow her own trumpet all the time.


Highly recommended.

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I agree with you Graeme.  Depending on your time with the discipline will depend on what value you get from the text but for the audience for whom it was drafted - non practicing end users of competitive or market intelligence - it does the job.  Similar job undertaken by Joseph Rodenberg's title as well.  We drafted a review of the title on the UK Competitive Intelligence Forum website, found here Seena Sharp's Book Review as well as the opportunity to download a chapter.

I agree with Andrew and I would expect people who have no real experience of CI practice in a commercial setting to find it very informative.  It does the job very well for those new to the discipline.  I use it as a set text for my students at De Montfort University and they love it.


I agree that Seena did a great job with her book, and it is carefully written from one of the most experienced in CI since the 1970s, and it shows. I have written 3 blogs about Seena's book, and would recommend it highly for students, so it is heartening that you use it as a text for your students, Sheila.

I particularly like how she spends time defining what competitive is, and what it isn't, and how she sprinkles practical working examples throughout the book. It features prominently on my CI bookshelf.

All the best,


Thanks for your comments. There are many excellent "Academic" books out there, but it is essential for all to bring the subject out in the open and not just keep it in the class room.


After all consultants like myself who are earning reasonable money in the real world need as many tools as possible to create awareness.




I also thought that the book would be most useful to those with no or limited understanding of CI. To my surprise, a number of CI practitioners have stated that they have used it to expand their understanding of CI.

I never cease to be amazed at how many CI practitioners still focus on data, competitors, and their immediate industry. They don't understand the import of an external perspective of other areas that will impact their business or customers; they place too much emphasis on hard data, not recognizing that it provides good input about the past, but doesn't reveal what's changing or emerging.

Most importantly, they don't understand the difference between competitive and competitor intelligence, which is more than semantics; it reveals an understanding of how business operates and how to uncover opportunities.

And thanks to all of you for your comments. You are the experienced practitioners who "get" what CI truly is. If the other practitioners did, then perhaps this industry would grow in numbers and respect.




I also +1 on the best CI book I have ever read. Concise but comprehensive. Has helped (helping me) tremendously.




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