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I came across this study which had a very interesting conclusion - that 787 transnational corporations rule the world!  Do you think this is a valid conclusion?

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Absolutely!  It's actually a far smaller hub  where the real power lies and  these researchers wisely note that a large portion of the ultimate control is in the hands of none other than a tiny number of financial firms (think JP Morgan, Citi, Goldman, etc) . Uh huh... You just might want to read 13 Bankers...



I think that it's an excellent analysis because it's a systemic point of view.
Maybe if the author added some other criterias, he will decrease the number from 785 to 300 or a little bit more, and will reinforce his target of define who is the landlord for the world leadership.
With criterias, I mean :
- members of Bildelberg, Trilateral, Concil of foreign relation, Chattam House, etc
- members of think tanks





You are precisely right!





Hi Babette,


Well, I think it is no suprise that money rules. The question is how to define money. Transnational or multinational companies is surely a legitimate way of measure. But whether it is 787 or 1.000 or 500, is of course a more difficult questions. To give the banking system so much weight as this study does seems questionable, especially. It has also ranked the major Asian and Chinese banks quite low. I would probably have given more weight to production industries. 




Hi Klaus


The way I interpreted the article was from what the researchers stated in that they looked at ownership of companies and corporations rather than the actual means of production or physical assets - ownership I understood in terms of shareholding. 


As you would know while you and I may not actually own a company through our fund managers we have shares in many large diversified multinational corporations both locally and globally.  When you then look and take into consideration the shares under the control of fund managers you will find that most of the largest entities are in fact in the financial arena and are predominantly Western.  Asian and Chinese financial entities as yet I suspect do not have the breadth or depth of western fund managers who have been operating for a lot longer.  After all I am not too sure how many Chinese actually have a super fund for their retirement!


Like Monica and Loic, I suspect that the true number is even smaller.  The article states at one point...."nearly 4/10 of the control over the economic value of TNCs in the world is held, via a complicated web of ownership relations, by a group of 147 TNCs in the core, which has almost full control over itself."


When you have a large block of shares, it is amazing what power can be welded over a Board and CEO.





Wall Street Standoff


Out of the frustration in the local population between that which people think that they have a right to accept and which they estimate they realistically are capable of attaining resulting in a gap called perceived relative deprivation.

Out of this arise issues. What are issues? Issues are points in argument. These are the questions that have not been addressed.

These issues advocated by groups become demands. Now if demands are properly addressed they result simply in the normal functioning of the political system. 

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Goldman Sachs!?!?


I read later that this guy is fake!

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