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October 2011 Blog Posts (7)

Drivers of competitive intelligence in India

While the practice of competitive intelligence is as old as competition and private enterprise itself, it has emerged as a systematic discipline and a profession in the developed economies only in the last 30 years or so. In India its practice is relatively new, but expected to grow very rapidly.


There are several reasons that come to my mind, why competitive intelligence is gaining appeal in corporate India.…


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Catalog Updates site of the Research Center Viktor Voksanaeva - New in November-December 2011

Catalog Updates site of the Research Center Viktor Voksanaeva  - New in November-December 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I suggest read the informational materials that are available October 29, 2011 on the site of the Research Center of Viktor Voksanaeva. I hope that the material will be useful to all analysts.

Sincerely, B. Voksanaev

Under the heading: Analytical materials on OSINT…


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Finding needles in a haystack… CI and information explosion

The information explosion has played havoc with people’s schedules. One estimate puts the annual economic loss due to information overload at $900 billion (globally).

While drowning in information, they are starved of usable knowledge. If organizations miss market signals, they risk being outwitted by their competitors. However, it is impossible (and inefficient) for them to sift through every nugget of information out there.

How can people and organizations manage the enormous…


Added by Varsha Chitale on October 18, 2011 at 6:36am — 2 Comments

Bob Galvin

Bob Galvin was a visionary for Motorola in China.  Motorola was one of the earliest entrants to the China market when it started to open in early 1980's, and this was led by Bob.  Motorola is still reaping the fruits of his pioneering work with a very successful and profitable market in China.

Gary Lim

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Bob Galvin passing

News arrived today that Bob Galvin, founder of the Galvin Electricity Initiative, died on Tuesday, October 11th.  Galvin had been the CEO and Chairman of Motorola for over 30 years.  The Galvin Electricity Initiative was a visionary attempt to transform our obsolete electricity system.  Those who knew him would not be surprised to find he was involved in a visionary effort.  

I didn't know Mr. Galvin.  I just saw him give the keynote speech at SCIP a few years ago, and ran across his…


Added by Mark Johnson on October 14, 2011 at 4:41am — 9 Comments

A world of security and services for your Switzerland and Europe stays.

IDBS-Sécurité assure the Security for all your Travel & Stays in Switzerland and Europe.

Out of vocation and training we organize the best for your security and your comfort.

Our team, trained from army and government, is selected with the highest standards of :

Anti-terrorism preparation, Personal defense, Shooting skills, Hostage protection, Driving, Piloting, Navigation, Savoir Faire, Elegance.

Maximum privacy at any level, even within the…


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Wall Street Standoff


Wall Street Standoff


Out of the frustration in the local population between that which people think that they have a right to accept and which they estimate they realistically are capable of attaining resulting in a gap called perceived relative deprivation.

Out of this arise issues. What are issues? Issues are points in argument. These are the questions that have not been addressed.

These issues advocated by groups become demands. Now if demands…


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