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"Duplicity" starring Julia Roberts & Clive Owens: is it a CI movie?

Have you seen the trailers for the new Julia Roberts/Clive Owens movie?

Would you say this is a movie about CI, however exaggerated?

It got me wondering if there are other movies about our profession? A fun question for a Friday night. Cheers.. Rob

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CI = Understanding Influence of Ideology + Mitigating Risks of Globalisation for International Businesses + Cross Cultural Influences that Impact success of businesses

Why Angels & Demons?

"Angels & Demons" is about using OODA loop and "joining the dots" to see the "Emerging Pattern"

Angels & Demons

The Physics section presents an alternative view of our universe based on the concept of an underlying fluid like hyperdimensional aether. Including the application of this to the concept of free energy, antigravity and teleportation.

Do you use movies discussed by us in your courses? I've just used suitable fragment ( ) of Peak Oil ( ) during one of the discussions ( ) in my blended course Information security ( ). :-)
They ( ), and particularly one ( ) of my best students in this semester, have forced me yesterday afternoon ( ) to use two other fragments of that highly instructive movie ( and ). :-)
I have yet to find a better movie than All the President's Men for my CI courses to teach students how to manage the constantly shifting landscape of CI practice. Also gives them a good idea of what they will come up against when delivering news which nobody wants to hear, believe or accept. Jason Robards who plays Ben Bradlee does a magnificent job in that role. It also illlustrates the lengths you sometimes have to go to, to follow your belief that you are on to something, and also to get your information verified to what your decision maker (not you) deems to be an acceptable level before taking action. I show it in full at the end of my course and the students love it. Barbarians at the Gate comes a close second but for different reasons.
I like : "You've Got Mail"

Competitive Intelligence Tagline:

Innovate or Perish

To Confront Change & Uncertainity
Based on the trailers, it's all about corporate espionage - NOT competitive intelligence.

Unfortunately many people will confuse the two - especially as many CI practitioners proudly hark back to their days in the espionage (intelligence) services and also emphasise techniques used by the intelligence (espionage) services. KITs owe their origin to the national intelligence topics from the CIA. Then there's elicitation techniques, and so on. Oh - and instead of strategy modelling or business games, we talk about War Gaming....
BTW I was just relooking at this trailer, Rob. People have given it some pretty poor ratings, and some are pretty vehement about how awful it is, and so slow. I still haven't watched the full movie yet.
Nope, wasn't a great movie, yep, it dragged in spots, but you know what? I had a great time. It was just fun, and it kept me guessing, I'd call it worthy of light summer fare. Me, I wanted to cast the audience I watched this with with all of you guys. You want social significance? Not the one to see. Worthy of a fun entry in the Netflix queue? yep.
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the great posts. When I tossed this one out there on a Friday night, I figured it would have a lifespan of the weekend at best. Now the worst part: I never did get to see the movie myself!! It must have bombed so badly in the local market that it came and went while I blinked. I am still hoping to catch it on a plane soon, and look forward to seeing it with all your comments in mind...

Cheers.. Rob
After all the discussion of this earlier in the year, I finally actually watched this film on DVD. I found it very entertaining, with just enough "fact" to spice it considerably. The two companies primarily engaged in the drama, for example, are both international conglomerates with strong grounding in consumer products such as soap and shampoo. These two were a thinly veiled nod at the Procter & Gamble / Unilever rivalry that appears in many CI ethics case studies, and with a brief stopover reference to a couple of frozen pizza manufacturers (hinting at the Kraft/Schwann ethical brouhaha).

So in the grand sense, although the movie was loaded with plenty of manure and hyperbole, it had just enough facts and decent research to make it interesting.

The other thing I enjoyed is that it finished as a cautionary that the unethical perpetrators were fried in their own juices. The unethical behavior was punished by a quite delicious plot twist.

I thought it was a lot of fun.

Mark Johnson
Hello, Rob, I'd like to thank you for this discussion once again. Will my students find there ( ) more movies about Security & Safety Engineering profession than we find here movies about Competitive Intelligence profession? :-)



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